Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 1045

New Chapter!
I can’t believe that a couple of people in a discord server try to lecture me on running Dungeons and Dragons because I said that you couldn’t have a Warforged in the context of Faerun. Which is Forgotten Realms. The one Baldurs Gate is set in.

That’s… an experience.
Also one of them had the weirdest take on it all.

Who needs class identity apparently? A cleric doesn’t need a god, warlocks don’t need patrons, sorcerers can get powers from whatever they want!
Are you even playing those classes if you strip the class identity? What benefit do you get stripping a class down to its numerical functions?

Some of the stuff they brought up was fine, like firearms fitting into the setting. Yeah that’s not strictly by the book but it makes sense in the setting.
But I just cannot understand their logic with the rest, it’s like they have a total disconnect between the function of the mechanical rules and the flavour of lore. Instead of seeing how they’re meant to feed into each other.

I’m all for customising your setting, but it seems weird to take something so integral to the history of the Realms and chop it out, when it would be easier to adapt one of the many other settings, or just homebrew their own.

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