Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 12

New Chapter!
Aight Sooo like I there was a few note I was going to leave in the in the references in the chapter itself but I kinda messed up while uploading (don’t worry silva if you see this I fixed it, if I didn’t scream at me later) and I don’t wanna go add them now cuz way to ded inside. but anyway sorry not sorry for not updating at all for like what is it almost 4 weeks now so a month I’m just really busy with school and I feel like I just don’t wanna exist anymore. What more I go to edit the chapter after not uploading for soo long and fricken superpower chatgpt is broken and I can’t just copy and paste for easy proofreading anymore …╥﹏╥ I’d love to say with enthusiasm hell ya I’m back and updates will come frequently again but like that’s just gonna be impossible rn. My brain feels like it’s constantly on the verge of just not functioning anymore so same as last time I’ll try to upload as much as possible…. but ya I’ll try. Anyway chapter 12 yaay I think next chapter is actually a cute jasmine ch soo maybe I’ll try a squeeze out some motivation and do it quickly but it all depends on school… no one told me that this term of college was gonna be so much hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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