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Chapter 12 – Extreme Hunger Begets Sorrow

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Return of Han & Tang
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Barlow Munster is a name known to every resident of Fran City. He is Viscount Munster’s only son, in other words, the sole heir to the Munster name, and someone no one in the viscounty of Munster dared to oppose – in simple terms, the second lord of Munster. The young Lord of Munster was infamous in Fran City for his love of praise and his vengeful, domineering attitude. An elegant shell filled with a belly full of spoiled water, just like rotten eggs and bananas, this is Mo Li’s evaluation of Barlow.

“What might the busy Lord Munster need from me?” Mo Li asked, purposely feigning ignorance. Truthfully he didn’t want to waste his time with trash like Barlow.

“Huh, why am I looking for you??” Barlow walked over, a malicious smile on his face, accompanied by two lackeys, as customary for a playboy like himself. “Don’t you already know why I’m looking for you??” Mo Li’s act of feigning ignorance further fueled Barlow’s pre-existing anger, nearly pushing him to the point of bursting.

‘This stinky brat caused me to lose the inheritance rights to an earldom, then the next day he still dares to appear in the academy as if nothing happened and use the tuition provided by my family, just how shameless is he??’

“If Lord Barlow wishes to find fault with me, there’s no need to do it like this. Moreover, this is the academy, and with so many people watching, Lord Barlow should exercise more restraint to avoid tarnishing the nobles’ reputation.” Mo Li, having experienced the highs and lows of life, understood precisely what concerned these nobles the most. These self-important nobles, who placed immense value on their bloodlines, would never stoop to the level of common street delinquents, and send their lackeys to create trouble for him in public. To them, he was simply a nobody, not worth such a commotion.

“You!…. He he, just you wait, pariah, you’ll regret what your actions, your luck is about to run out.” After saying these vengeful words Barlow cast a sharp glance towards Mo Li before leaving with his lackeys.

“Take care I won’t see you off.” Mo Li had long grown accustomed to the meaningless threats made by these young noble lords. The more they threatened, the more flamboyant he became. Having already burned all bridges with them, there was nothing to fear.

After entering the school gate there were two paths, one going right and one going left. On the left was the noble district, or the upper-class district, where commoners weren’t permitted to enter, and on the right was the general district, or the commoner district. Although both districts were in the same academy the two districts were vastly different from each other. The grand marble lofts of the noble district stood in stark contrast to the tiled community houses in the commoner district.

Nobles are nobles after all; if they didn’t flaunt their privilege, how would they let people know that they are nobles? With this, they could display their difference from the commoners. With their special identity, naturally, they needed everyone to understand that they, who possessed【Blood Arts】and had received the Goddess Sera’s blessings, were completely different from ordinary commoners.

Tea houses, tennis courts, libraries, and other similar facilities were abundant in the noble district. Naturally, these luxuries didn’t exist in the commoner district, and even if they did, they weren’t something that the poor students of the district could afford. This academy, though, was no different from other ordinary academies when teaching, conducting classes in groups. At least, that was the case in the commoner district.

Mo Li’s class was located in the southeast corner of the commoner district. After being delayed by that waste of a young lord, arriving at class at this time would most definitely earn him the glare of his cold-hearted instructor, provided nothing out of the ordinary happened. What surprised Mo Li a little, though, was when he pushed open the classroom door, the instructor didn’t even glance at him. This harsh old man, who always looked down upon the regular students, actually didn’t criticize him. What’s going on? Did the sun rise from the east today?

Mo Li walked past the podium in disbelief, arriving at the second row from back and stopping at his own ‘VIP Throne’.

“Alright, I’ll start taking roll now, Bannon, Modo, Jeske…” The old instructor flipped through the roll call list without even looking and started routinely reading out names.

“Wait a sec, Mr. Instructor, you forgot to call my name.” Usually, Mo Li’s name would be called after the student named Modo, but for some reason today, the old man strangely skipped over his name.

“Who are you?” The old man raised his eyes and looked towards Mo Li expressionlessly. “Are you a student in our class?”

What’s up with him??

“?? Mr. Instructor allow me to be presumptuous and ask, did I do something wrong to offend you?” Why is he pretending to not recognize me after only a day?

“You did a lot of things wrong.” The instructor sneered coldly. “Mo Li, your name has already been removed by the academy. From this day onwards, you are no longer a student of Fran Academy. Wherever you go now has nothing to do with us.”

After hearing this, the students around Mo Li all cast differing gazes of pity or glee in his direction. Only now did Mo Li realize what the young master of Munster was referring to before when he told him, ‘Your luck is about to run out.’ It’s very obvious that the Munster family has withdrawn their financial assistance toward Mo Li’s tuition, but this was still within his predictions.

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“Mr. Instructor, you don’t mean to obstruct a student’s sincerity to learning right, after all this wouldn’t be in line with the teachings of our lord Sera.” Mo Li tried to justify.

“A sincere student holds themselves to a high standard. You, on the other hand, are just a talentless brat who is normally critical of the teachings given, but now, when it matters, you don’t want to give it up? If a critic like you were put into the liquidation processes hundreds of years ago, you would have been looked at as a cultist and burned at the stake. Even in death, you wouldn’t have solace as the Goddess Sera wouldn’t save your soul…”

Here we go again… Facing the babbling old man whose every word was about Sera, Mo Li rolled his eyes. To Mo Li, what did it matter whether he believed in the Goddess Sera or not? Regardless, it’s not like the old man would give Mo Li even half a penny just because he was her believer.

“Calm down Mr. Instructor, isn’t it just an issue of tuition, afternoon, just wait till the afternoon and I’ll pay up the shortage, then it’ll be fine right.”

“Hmph, where would a poor brat like you get the money to pay tuition??” The old instructor spoke, his face filled with disdain. “Idiotically offending a noble lord, your reckoning is bound to come.”

“Of course, I have my means, if come tomorrow I still can’t pay up the tuition, erasing my name then wouldn’t be too late either right?”

“When you have the money then we can talk.” The old instructor replied nonchalantly, obviously not believing a poor, low class commoner like Mo Li could scrounge up enough money for tuition.

Well, at least I’ll be fine for this morning. During lunch break, Mo Li who was walking on the street let out a sigh.


His stomach also gives him a very timely complaint.

“Tsk” Mo Li rubbed his flat belly and thought back to what Elsa had told him. ‘The consumption needs of a dragon per day are twenty times or higher than that of a human.’

“Come on stop growling, I don’t even have the money to pay tuition. Where am I supposed to get the money to sacrifice food to you?” Mo Li quietly complained to himself.
“Hungry, hungry, I’m so hungry…”
Mo Li was stunned for a second as his voice gradually became higher, reaching a sharp pitch, before quickly looking at the pendant dangling in front of his chest, emitting a dim halo.

Crap! Is my dragon form forcibly appearing because I’m too hungry?!


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