Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 942

Just played through the demo of Talos Principle 2.
Narratively, it seems like it’s going to be amazing, I am really excited now.
As for the puzzles……. I never want to do 3D tetris bridge builder again but other than that it’s perfect.
I was really apprehensive about how they would continue a story that felt like it achieved a definitive end but they did that flawlessly.

In related news… Forever Skies just put itself into a bundle with Planet Crafter which made its current discount an even bigger discount and now I am questioning how much I am willing to spend on games this month.
Originally I was going to get Talos 2 and the new Eurotruck region…
But now I might get Forever Skies and Talos 2…. and maybe the new Eurotruck region.

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Vol. 10: Chapter 11 «

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