Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 11

New Chapter!
Ahhhh what a week or two weeks I suppose. Anyways I dunno if anyone saw but I posted in the discord yesterday that there was a power outage in my area so I couldn’t upload on Sunday like I have been… ignore my 1 week break. I know this was a really long interval between updates and I’m gonna be completely honest I almost decided to not upload tonight even tho the translation was done and I just needed to proofread. Reasons being 1. I’ve started college again and I’m taking like 19 or 20 credits can’t remember exactly anymore, so my word is getting back into the swing of things really rough. 2. I’ve been having a little bit of anxiety partly because of college and partly because of some other more personal things. 3. Everything that I just mentioned is actually kinda really stressing me out. So with that being said I’ll try to still upload as much as possible but sometimes I just might not have it in me to upload, and since I value the quality of what I’m uploading over speed…. well at least I think it’s pretty aight quality, I might not be able to keep up the once a week uploads that I have been doing for the last month. Basically this a long winded excuse of why I might miss uploads is what you need to take away from this whole spiel, that being said enjoy… I forgot how slow the early chapters were… I’m sry I upload so slow but bear with me I promise the story is good. ( ̄▽ ̄)

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