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Chapter 11 – Trouble at Your Doorsteps.

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Return of Han & Tang
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2071 characters
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1489 words

Since it would be a waste of time not to loot the bodies, after killing the assassins with his hidden blades, Mo Li, who suffered from the illness of poverty, looted everything that could be considered valuable. If it weren’t for wanting to leave their corpses with some decency, Mo Li would probably have looted even the clothes on their bodies and sold the fabric by its weight; after all, he still had his food situation to deal with. Among the loot, Mo Li also found some scattered silver coins. The more he could find, the better; after all, one could never have too much money, only too little. The scattered coins were enough to fill an entire cloth pouch to the brim, and any weapons that could be used were also taken; it was quite the harvest.

Among his loot, the item Mo Li favored the most was the assassin leader’s saber; its craftsmanship and the material it was made out of were both pretty decent. As expected of the hound raised by a noble lord, even its dog teeth were covered in diamonds; this saber was much better than the scrap metal in Mo Li’s possession. After taking inventory of his loot, Mo Li started tidying up the scene. After all, if he just left the bodies piling, they would eventually start stinking and attract attention. “Whatever, I’ll just bury them here tonight, endure my tiredness, and forgo sleep.” Mo Li muttered to himself as he poked the coins inside the cloth bag. As expected of professional assassins, they were quite thoughtful in their preparations. When going out to kill someone, they brought some money with them, so in case they failed, it could be considered funeral expenses.

After digging a hole, stuffing all the corpses inside, and then burying it again, the sky began to brighten. Mo Li sat next to the hole, lighting himself a smoke. The tobacco and flint were all looted from the assassins. The scent provided by the burning tobacco had a calming effect. It was a bad habit Mo Li had developed in his last life while he was on the run. Initially, he only smoked for stress relief, but eventually, it became a habit. If he didn’t smoke at least twice a day, his entire body would feel uncomfortable. After being reborn, Mo Li wasn’t old enough to buy any cigarettes; fortunately, these delivery assassins helped him relieve his cravings. His exhaustion from not sleeping all night felt like it was instantly dispersed into the tobacco’s aroma.

Originally, Mo Li didn’t want to make the situation so rigid, but after this wave of events, the bridge between him and the Munster family had completely collapsed. Although Mo Li could have left a bottom line for the Munsters and not killed these assassins, that wasn’t in line with his style. An assassin wouldn’t let anyone who harbored ill intentions towards them live; they would let their hidden blades and weapons speak for them. These were the habits of a professional assassin. Since the Munsters acted so decisively, the assassination attempts aimed towards Mo Li in the future were sure to be plentiful.

What worried Mo Li, though, weren’t the potential assassination attempts, but the Munster family using their power as nobles to accuse him of nonexistent crimes. Although arresting someone required following the basic laws already in place, creating a false case was extremely simple for a noble family. On the other hand, his tuition fees were also very worrying. In this world, those who establish schools aren’t kind, benevolent grandpas; they are allies of the nobles, motivated solely by money. If you possess wealth, they’ll regard you as their master; otherwise, they’ll dismiss you without a second glance. It’s that straightforward. Following today’s incident, it’s highly probable that the Munster family will forcibly withdraw the financial support they’ve been extending to Mo Li for his education.

Thinking back to the path Elsa laid out for him, Mo Li clenched his hands. He can’t be dropped from school, at least not before he obtains a spot within the competition; no matter what, he must find a way to pay the tuition and keep his spot on the school’s list of students. Having been given a second chance, Mo Li wasn’t going to let it just slip by him. Orchid Academy— even someone like Mo Li wanted to try for it. If he really managed to be enrolled, would he still need to fear a little viscount within the Papal States like Munster? So, to achieve his goals, Mo Li had to go to the academy, no matter how much he didn’t want to; he still had to go.

The current academy Mo Li attends is very mediocre, divided into two teaching districts: one for the children of the nobility, and the other for those born from grassroots such as commoners, or merchants. Naturally, the teachers in the noble district were far superior to those in the grassroot district. In fact, the grassroot district hardly resembled an academic institution; from Mo Li’s perspective, it seemed more like a random church choir. No serious knowledge was ever taught, and each day was inundated with religious nonsense. All the lower district teachers were like charlatans spewing praise Sera whenever they opened their mouths, but never showing any amount of piousness. It wasn’t at all an uncommon sight to see the teachers of the grassroot district abusing their authority for personal gain

Even so, this type of teaching institution was the best Fran City had to offer, possibly the best that the entire Viscounty of Munster had to offer. Poor commoners couldn’t attend, and the wealthy merchant class had to pay hefty sums to secure a spot for their children. After all, this institution was the only way to become a part of the church. If one successfully became part of the church, there was even the possibility of becoming part of the clergy, and for a commoner family, having someone become a clergyman was a big deal.

The belief in Sera as the only true Goddess is held throughout the entire human race. Even many non-human races follow this belief. On the entire continent, aside from the Norda Kingdom and a few other non-human races, almost every race believes in the Goddess Sera. As such, although different human kingdoms are divided by nationality, the church doesn’t distinguish between nationalities due to the ancient Ya Ting Empire unifying the human belief. And since there is a church, it’s obvious that a pope must also exist. The lineage of the 1Origin religion’s Pope has been passed down through the bloodline of the Arelinde family; they are descendants of the ancient divine beast, the Divine Nirvana Phoenix, and a bonafide golden bloodline.

Because their ancestors had followed the conquest led by the late emperor of the ancient Ya Ting Empire and helped in laying the empire’s foundations, they were later conferred the title of Pope and granted rulership over the empire’s religious affairs. As of today, the Ya Ting Empire has long disappeared, but the Papal States still exist, and Arelinde is still the much-revered pope.

When thinking about the Arelinde family, Mo Li subconsciously thought of a certain person: Her Royal Highness, the princess of the Papal States, Emilia Arelinde, a genius beauty who could eclipse even the dazzling sun. She’s a rare genius of the Papal States that only appears once in a thousand years, while at the same time being the mortal enemy that forced Mo Li to his death in his last life.

Her name echoed throughout the entire Papal States; one could even argue all the human kingdoms. Emilia, the embodiment of status, identity, beauty, and strength, was the object of admiration for countless young nobles throughout the Papal States, an unreachable being akin to the brilliant sun in the sky. The youthful nobles’ pursuits of her bordered on insanity, to the point where some were willing to claim they’d endure 10,000 arrows piercing their hearts just for a mere sight of her. Personally, Mo Li thought anyone willing to say such things must be insane. He could only hope to be fortunate enough to not meet that broom star again in this life.

Lost in his thoughts, Mo Li arrived at the school gates. As soon as he stepped through the school gates, a few people appeared, blocking his path. Mo lightly frowned and attempted to walk around them, but their intention was clear; they would block Mo Li no matter where he walked.

“Classmate Mo Li still dares to come to school; this is something I really didn’t expect to happen.” a sarcastic voice rang out. Mo Li still lightly frowning, lifted his gaze, looking at the youth dressed in a 2neat robe walking towards him from not far away, calmly asking, “What does Lord Munster seek from me?”



  1. Umm not actually sure if that’s the name of the religion tis been a while since I last read the book but the way it was written made it feel like they were using it as a name.
  2. I say neat robe here but like what he’s actually wearing is 华服 which is essentially the traditional Chinese clothing you always see in like the cultivation manhua and stuff like that link here to the baidu page if you want to take a look .
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