Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 82

Hmmmm. I need a ramble.
No choice, time to exploit my secret power! NEWS!

So uh…
As you may have heard right now thanks to ad revenue reaching an all time low the site is now actually losing money.
This site is actually pretty rare when it comes to translation sites to be honest, the pay is decently high for fan translators, some of the editors and staff get a cut of the ad revenue and operation costs are all covered that way too.
There’s a downside however, in that it means that profit is eaten up in that way. The site basically aims to break even, anything extra is invested in expansion, new novels, new translators etc etc.

So as you can imagine, taking a loss is a problem. If the trend continues then there’s risks of having to start finding places to save money. Well, I think the staff would sooner take a pay cut than reduce the amount of translating and editing we do though, we’re all fans first and foremost, and care about your enjoyment.
We’re just looking for ways to increase are stability and expand right now.

Yes this is a massive detailed ramble of me begging you to become patreons!

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