Hero King Chapter 293

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Original Short Story #5
One of which was clothing.

He held multiple outfits, looking at them and then back at them, muttering to Himself.

“Hmmm, Hallun’s body doesn’t show any significant sign of which gender they belong to. Of course, previously, Hallun was a boy, so the choice should be obvious, but what if Hallun doesn’t like it?” After hemming and hawing for a few minutes, He turned around and asked Hallun for their opinion.

“Which one do you prefer, Hallun?”

Hallun doesn’t know. They’re simply clothing, so preference is of no use to them.

“As long as it doesn’t restrict my limbs, Father, I don’t mind which one I wear.”

He sighed, as if expecting that, and called for His servants to pick an outfit for them. The servants entered the room, curiously looking at Hallun. The female ones as well as a few males quickly caught on to the current dilemma, and after debating for a while, including dressing Hallun up in vast assortments of clothing, decided on a thin black leotard with a long dark purple coat, black pants, and a white flower accessory in the shape of camellias and anemones on the head for contrast against Hallun’s straight black hair, paired with white gloves.

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