Chapter 293 – 15 year old Inglis, Squire and Knight Commander (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2352 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 933 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Gather around! Build a wall to protect His Majesty!! Don’t try to take him down! Just buy some time!」

With time, Rochefort would surely run out of stamina and fall to the Hyrule Menace he was wielding. It was reported that Rochefort had used a fair amount of the Hyrule Menace’s power back during the fight with the Holy Knight Order. Should he use more of that now, he wouldn’t last that long.

「Redas, you……?」

From what Redas had instructed, King Charleas seemed to have guessed something.

「My deepest apologies, Your Majesty! However, Lady Inglis had warned me of this…」
「To think she would even predict this…how unfathomable, that young one! Indeed, Inglis, too, shall come with time! Either way, we must bide our time!」
「「「SIR YES SIR!」」」

At the order of King Charleas, Redas and the Knights nodded strongly. They took up a tight formation to fortify their defense, but then…


Jumping out of his flygear, Rochefort flew through the air with the light emitted by his shield jetting backward. He charged at the knights who stood in his way.


Several screams were heard, and the wreckage of the destroyed flygears rained down.

「KGH……! Disperse! Spread out and distract him from—!」

Light gushed from the gems scattered on Rochefort’s shield, cleaving away the soldiers surrounding him.


The screams rose again. The number of knights protecting King Charleas was quickly reduced to less than half.

「HAAHAHAHA! YOU N̲U̲M̲B̲F̲U̲C̲K̲S̲!! You all will die in vain either way! The very idea that you and your small army could try to stop a Hyrule Menace in her true form is reckless! Outrageous!! ARROGANCE OF THE HIGHEST ORRDEEERRR!!」
「KGH! He’s drunk on power!」
「But, that power is overwhelming!」
「That’s the power that should be used against Prisma!」

Seeing the Knights showing expressions of desperation and crisis, Rochefort suddenly changed his tone.

「—Oi. Let’s not throw your lives away, eh? Drop your puny weapons, back down, and be good boys and girls. Charalia’s doomed, but you all will be guaranteed your current position as knights of Venefique. See, even with new territory, we kinda need people to run it. You know, from your point of view, it’s just like your leader’s switched a bit. Not much will change, you know? How is it, eh? Be sensible and drop your weapons, then back down. Come on, no one’s gonna blame you. Back down, back down!!」

Rochefort waved his hand, telling the Knights to step back. And then he stayed inert, giving them the time to ponder.

「Pr-, presumptuous!」
「Don’t f̲u̲c̲k̲ with us!」
「Are you mocking us?!!」
「I’m not mocking you guys. Rather, I need you guys, that’s why I’m asking you not to throw your lives away. This land will soon belong to Venefique, and I kinda need you people since you’re familiar with it.」
「Don’t listen to him! In this time of emergency, he’d rather raid our castle instead of protecting the people! What’s the good of someone like that standing above our people?!」

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As Redas began to yell, King Charleas restrained him.

「Enough, Redas! Back down. The rest of you too.」
「Your Highness?! What are you saying?!」
「Just do as I say!」

Overwhelmed by his intensity, the Knights took two, then three steps backward.

「This man is right, at this rate, our men will be dying in vain! It only speaks of the strength of the ultimate Artifact.」

King Charleas, on the contrary, took a step or two towards Rochefort. His hand reached for the sword at his waist.

「Besides… Anyone who falls for his words will not go unpunished, even if they survive the day! As their peers wouldn’t see to the rest of them. However, I will not allow it! So I ask you all to stand back.」

If they all backed off, there would be no telling who fell for Rochefort’s words, and who didn’t. And that was good, for now…

「Y-, Your Majesty!」
「If it’s a bit of time that we need, then I shall bide it myself!」

The wielder wouldn’t last long wielding the weaponized Hyrule Menace. Not to mention, Inglis was on her way here too. In both scenarios, all King Charleas needed was time.

King Charleas drew his sword. The translucent blue jewel-like blade emitted a pale luminescence, and the handle was decorated with the design of a dragon, said to be a legendary creature.

The Dragon Claw, the twin Artifact of the Dragon Fang that was bestowed to Holy Knight Raphael.

「That’s an Artifact similar to the one Holy Knight Raphael has……so the Special Grade Rune on your right hand isn’t just a decoration, eh?」
「—I, Charleas, may not have the blade to defy the heavens, but I have the claws to protect myself! As general, my head is not easy to take!」
「Hou? At least your spirit is commendable… Now let’s see what you amount to!」

Rochefort, with his shield in front of him, charged straight at King Charleas. It was a simple, linear bull charge, but its speed was blinding fast!


King Charleas emitted a warcry, and his body was enveloped in radiance. Immediately afterward, Rochefort’s charge hit the grounds where King Charleas was standing.

The ground around was blown away, and a large cloud of dust obscured the vision of those in the vicinity.


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