Ragweed Princess Chapter 2 (Part 1)

I am liking this novel very much, so much so in fact, after finding out there are already 14 light novel volumes out there and checking out some of the available illustrations, I am tempted to pick up Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream. These two novels take place in a shared universe and I believe I caught sight of the vampire princess being illustrated in one of the Ragweed Princess’ volume.

As a matter of fact, I have already started re-reading Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream to build up the glossary and edit the already published chapters to post on Re:Library. We have also secured an investor who gave us their promise to fund this project in the near future. The only problem going forward is to find a good translator to pick up where it was left off and then edit all the available chapters to build up our still empty glossary sheet. As such, I cannot make any promise that the new chapters of Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream will be accurate and edited until we finish with the old chapters.

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