Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 496

There’s so much to talk about this week I honestly don’t know here to start.

Well first things first lets report my progress for Arknights…
I suck at this game.
I’ve barely dented the story. Not once managed to beat one of the promotion material missions and got stuck in the story.
Basically this game just doesn’t fit the way I play games and I’m spinning my wheels hoping to somehow magically get strong enough to enjoy the story.

But in other gacha news.
Blue Archive is great, excitedly waiting for the girls I want to release.

Eula rerun on Genshin soon!
I quit the game to avoid paying money to get her then regretted it and now I have a chance to spend money again!
I was hoping for more time to save up though because I only have a 50% chance right now.
Well my bank is ready as a failsafe.

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