Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 4

Important pre-chapter ramble this time, don’t skip!

Readers we seek your opinions!
As some of you have said the name of Merc as it stands currently is a little strange to read so we’re deferring to your opinions regarding names for future chapters
Changes in discussion:

Merc -> Mercy (as Merci is french and basically means ‘thanks’ it feels a bit off)
Mercy is a healer in the game Overwatch, so us staff think that it fits the theme as well enough as a replacement for Merc. But feel free to give your input!

Rousseaurumu -> Rosemary
We believe it fits with the atmosphere of the herb, since like the herb Merc’s master is quite old and she deals with plants and medicine, so we think it fits. But if some of you are traumatised by High Guardian Spice, we also understand.

Also, one last thing, how should we handle the monster naming, for example: Belbit and Velche (which mean Horned Rabbit and Winged Wolf). Do you prefer the fantasy names, or the literal ones. Although it fits the setting more to keep the names, it does make them harder to remember, so we’d like your opinions on this front too!

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