Two as One Princesses Chapter 89

Hiya~! Sorry for being absent last week, as well as being late (really late since I fell asleep) this week. In exchange for the absence, there’ll be another chapter in Wednesday next week, so look forward to it~! And now, for this week’s update~!
Last time on AinCiel: After eating lunch, our elder princess has fallen as the younger princess and landlady conspired against her. With that, our elder princess has been forced into the usual cliché of the Japanese GB genre: Dress-up doll scene! However, unlike the usual, our elder princess is unexpectedly enjoying the moment, and after a while, our younger princess was also cajoled into being dressed up as well, though she’s also enjoying herself very much. Now then:
What will happen next? What will our princesses do with the rest of the day? Will they have more time alone this time? And how many chapters will this cuteness last?
Find out in the next chapter: Song Princess, Dance Princess, and……!!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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