Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 450

So let’s talk about trailers today.
No particular reason, I just watched quite a few trailers today!

For starters lets discuss the Laika anime, soviet space vampire! Honestly the trailer seemed pretty cute, I’m excited to see how it goes.
I do have to wonder about the logistics of a vampire in space though. Like does sunlight still burn them? Is there a concentration needed?
Gotta wonder, after all there’s no shelter on the moon.

Then let’s discuss…. Frostpunk 2?
I never actually played the first Frostpunk but I think it has a really neat concept, and the premise of the second one seems interesting too.
Highlighting the technological progress from the steam age to the modern age. Oil and electricity!

And lastly. Spiderman.
Well boy that was a trailer! Finally!
Like seriously, didn’t expect that twist though. And the crossover premise is hype.

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