Chapter 54 – Fujiwara

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2152 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1447 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The samurai unsheathed their swords in succession and turned towards Lily.

That old servant even shouted towards the giant martial monk, “Ankoku Tsutsumi, what’re you waiting for? Apprehend them at once!”

Ankoku couldn’t see what Lily did just now and felt an instinctive fear. He didn’t know what sort of tricks these two women used to send their young master flying.

“Hmph, they’re just fancy-looking women with no bite anyway, what can they even do!” Ankoku steeled his heart and attempted to grab Lily with his big hand.

Just as before, Lily didn’t even lift a finger, she simply willed three whips to appear before her and lashed at the tall martial monk simultaneously. All the martial monk could register in his eyes were the petals swirling in the air followed by a flash of red light.

Then, he was slung away by a powerful force.

Coincidentally, the samurais at the back were just about to rush over at this time.

“Bam!” The two meters tall martial monk crashed against the samurais, causing them to fall paralyzed onto the ground.

That impact caused the entire ship to sway.

This ship was no ordinary ship. In order to fend off the monsters on Lake Biwa, it was made with grade 3 lumbers at the very least. Some of the most crucial parts, such as the heel and beams were even made with grade 5 or 6 materials. It was extremely sturdy and thus had a high construction fee.

Naturally, lumber was much cheaper compared to tamahagane of the same grade. After all, there were boundless forests to be found in the Heian Empire and exotic woods could also be found in the deeper parts.

Since the old servant and samurais were pressed down by the martial monk, they were dazed and couldn’t get up for a while.

That young master still couldn’t get a clue and ordered, “What are you doing? I want those two dead!”

Those samurais finally got up with their unsteady feet and rushed towards Lily again.

Other than that martial monk, the rest were simply sword masters or weaker, Lily couldn’t even be bothered to kill them. Moreover, she didn’t want to stain Lord Kato’s ship either.

She manipulated her domain to form several whips at once.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!” The samurais were once again tossed out of the room. This time, however, Lily didn’t stop whipping them and deliberately reduced the speed of the whip to let them see clearly.

“M-Monster! She’s a monster!”

Those samurais no longer cared about their dignity and flee with their tails tucked between their legs.

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However, Lily’s domain could cover up to a kilometer in radius so the whips were practically everywhere on the ship. She chased them until they reached the deck1.

Each time they were whipped, they jumped up before letting out a scream. Seeing that the shore was not too far from the ship, they jumped into the lake in succession.

The young master was dumbfounded at the sight, “Ankoku! I’ve spent a lot to hire you as my bodyguard! Do your job and kill those women!”

Though Ankoku was still a little apprehensive, he had no choice but to summon up his courage. Having said that, the whips were omnipresent, yet Lily was able to manipulate them perfectly and not damage the cabin.

“Hey, Ankoku—!”

After getting whipped for some time, Ankoku finally couldn’t bear it anymore and turned around to flee. In his rush, he bumped into the young master and caused him to take a tumble. Ankoku ran straight to the deck and jump down without even thinking twice.

The only remaining servant, the old butler, lent an arm to help the young master get up, who then shouted in a fluster, “B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲! I-I will report this to my father!”

At this time, however, Lily got up from her chair and approached the young master.

“D-Don’t come any closer! Do you know who my father is?2

“No idea.” Lily got in front of the young master as she answered. Since she was much taller, the kid could only lift up his head to look at her.

The young master glowered at Lily, “I-I am the third son of Fujiwara no Munekazu, the lord of Port Otsu which is our destination!”

“Fujiwara?” Lily originally didn’t care whose devil’s spawn this young master was, but upon hearing the name, her expression turned complicated as she fell into deep thoughts.

“HAHAHA! Are you scared now?!” The young master immediately got complacent of himself, “My father is a high-ranking official! He’s the honorable Right Treasury Minister, one of the rank 7 deputy ministers! Do you lowly female samurai understand what a high-ranking official is? They are the existence you should vow loyalty to and respect! Why don’t you quickly kneel down and beg for mercy? Maybe I can still spare your life.”

Perhaps that old servant could sense the subtle change in Lily’s aura, so he pulled the young master’s arm and advised him, “Young master, p-please just leave it at that.”

On the other hand, Lily didn’t even register a single word that the young master boasted. She was only feeling a little complicated from hearing the name, Fujiwara.

It was at this time, the hot, irritating sensation that’s been pestering Lily since last night assaulted her again, causing her a momentary lapse of consciousness.

That Fujiwara’s spawn seemed to notice Lily’s slight distraction. A fierce glint showed in his eyes as he drew the short sword by his waist and stab towards Lily’s chest.


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Lily flung her hair to the back as indescribable wrath overtook her. She whipped her long leg and kicked that devil’s spawn away.

“You actually want to commit murder over a cabin! You’ll definitely become a scourge of society by the time you grow up. I can’t believe Fujiwara has such a failure like you. I definitely wouldn’t have kept you alive if you’re not a Fujiwara!” Lily was already in a bad mood and now she was being bothered by such a ruthless kid, she really would’ve kicked him to death if not for her self-control.

She held back her strength and settled for kicking him directly past the railing and into the water!

“You!” The old servant was so furious he almost spits out blood, but due to his helplessness, he could only pound the ground and let out a sigh.

The old servant understood clearly that today’s matter was brought upon themselves by their young master. He quickly stood up and went after his master.

The old servant jumped into the lake with a splash. By this time, the young master had already been rescued by the other samurais and they were all swearing as they swam towards the shore.

Swear as they might, none of them dared to get back onto the ship again. Moreover, they couldn’t have hoped to catch up to the ship anyway.

Nevertheless, Lily’s body felt weak as she supported her weight by the cabin wall.

“Lil’ Lily, are you okay?” Shimizu stepped forward to support Lily. Those fellows from earlier were too weak so she wasn’t worried about Lily at all, but she didn’t expect the latter would become so powerless.

As a matter of fact, since that day Lily drank the aphrodisiac-filled sake, she hadn’t really dispelled the effect. Her body had merely adapted to it and temporarily suppressed it. These past few days, however…

Shimizu supported Lily back into the room. Soon after, the attendant returned to keep apologizing to them. Shimizu simply nodded and sent him away.

“Lil’ Lily, you…”

Rather than thinking about her own condition, Lily was occupied by other matters, “Fujiwara… Sister Shimizu, the rank 7 deputy ministers, what kind of position is that?”

“I’m not too well-versed in the matters of official posts, but from the highest to the lowest positions, rank 7 deputy minister is a position in between the rank 7 and rank 8 minister positions, it isn’t a particularly high rank.”

“Merely half a rank higher than the lowest official posts, yet their third son is so domineering and malicious. This is outrageous! Just what kind of clan is the Fujiwara? Lady Fujiwara no Ayaka repeatedly provided shelter and protection for the mirror girls, she should be a good person right? But why then, can such a degenerate come from the same clan? Could Lady Ayaka3 really allow such a scum to remain unchecked?” Lily was frowning. Her main reason for going to Heian-kyo was to meet this Fujiwara no Ayaka. She held high hopes for her, but after today’s event, Lily started to harbor some doubts for her…


  1. Robinxen: Wow she has no mercy.
  2. Robinxen: He said the line!
  3. Robinxen: Ayaka-sama?! You’re here too now I see. My wallet is never safe.

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