My Loli Brother Chapter 21

I hate Chinese. I’ve never hated Chinese as much as I did today! The word 精灵 in Chinese can be used for spirit / fairy / elf / sprite / genie. It is more commonly used for elves, but in the previous chapters, there was a palm-sized 精灵, so that one is obviously a fairy, it should be right? Or well, y’know, maybe it could be a spirit instead of a fairy! And in this chapter, it’s human-sized! Is it an elf? Is it a fairy? It has pointy ears so it should be an elf right? But wait, fairy can also have pointy ears, and I hear fairy queen are generally human-sized too according to common trope, so what is it!? Why is Chinese so difficult!! Arrgghhhhh!

Ok rant’s over. As an aside, there’s only 3 more chapters left until volume 1 is over so with that in mind, that means My Loli Dude teaser will be ending soon. In the pre-chapter post next week, I will list some teasers I might be translating after this so lemme know by then if there’s any you find interesting.

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