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Chapter 21 – The Library and the Lolicon

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1084 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 780 words
Editor(s): Fire, Liomad

————Mushuo’s Perspective————

This library…

It feels as though I’m in a certain Scarlet Devil Mansion’s1 underground library. The bookshelves are over ten meters tall and all of them are filled with thick magic books.

God dammit! Village Chief, if you have this many resources, why did you only give us 1,000G as travel expenses? Wouldn’t you be able to get more than that even if you sell all the scrap papers in this library?!

However, I’m not stupid enough to ignore a treasure chest and loot the magic book instead should one appear before me.

Huh? What do you mean I’m grabbing a book right now? The ones I conveniently grabbed while in passing don’t count.

Besides, I might be able to run into a decrepit sorcerer at the end of the path.

Guessing I should have arrived at the center of the library after passing a dozen or so bookshelves, I started following the light source.

However, the instant I laid my eyes on that thing, I froze in place.

Floating atop the stone platform was a book as thick as an encyclopedia. It had a gold inlay cover and was shining with a faint white light.

I must have hit the jackpot! This book must have an incredible origin!

Just as I was about to reach out to the floating book, I got startled by the white speck that popped out from the book’s lock and jumped back in fright.

I-Is it a spectre?!

Isn’t this supposed to be an RPG? Why did it suddenly become a horror novel?!

The white speck continued to expand as it ascended. Eventually, the speck of light changed into a girl with dashing white hair, except the girl in question had a pair of pointy ears.

Elves2, I’ve seen those in fantasy novels before.

As the white-clothed elf opened her eyes, I could feel a surge of energy engulfing the entire library. The temperature immediately dropped below freezing point and a thin layer of frost covered the book.

It was cold enough to make me shiver, and the status condition on the upper left corner showed that I was Freezing to match.

“……You are……?”

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The elf asked. Only then did I realize she had been observing me all along, so I answered promptly.

“I-I am Su Mushuo, I am… sent here by Village Chief Colbert.”

My cute voice was carried by the cold wind and traveled far and wide.

The elf’s body jolted for a bit and before long, the indoor temperature returned to normal and I was finally able to loosen up.

This elf… is she a boss?

She suddenly got in front of me and hugged me without a word. Her 1.8 meters figure was like a giant compared to mine.3

My face was… buried in between her chest.

“Ngggh~ So cute~ Human children are the cutest after all~”

Halp! I’ve been caught by a perverted elf!

————After a while————

“Sorry~ I lost control since I haven’t seen such a cutie in a long time…”

The elf smiled apologetically, but she still hadn’t loosened her hold.

The only thing I could do was to confirm the information window displayed on top of her.

Leyla, LV??, ??, Mage
[??, ??, …]

There was almost no helpful information to be had…

As such, I decided to make the best use of this body’s characteristic and get some information from the very mouth of this lolicon.

“……Umm…… who are you……?”
“Well~ I’m Leyla~ The chief mage of the Heavenly Realm’s upper stratum… Ahhh forget about that, I thoughtlessly said something I shouldn’t… cough cough. Anyway, let’s start over. I’m Leyla~ an elven mage~ the 35th Fairy Queen4. I used to live in the Heavenly Realm around seven thousand years ago…”

The information window was updated at the same time.

Leyla, LV?? Mage
Race: Elf
[God of the Holy Star, ??, …]


Say what?! It hasn’t been that long and a god already appeared? Did we choose nightmare mode or something? In any case, we absolutely mustn’t provoke this elf. If she wants to hug, just let her hug to her heart’s content. She has big b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ anyway…

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Oof… what is this inexplicable sadness? Why am I looking at my own chest?

“Oh my, what’s your name again?”
“I’m… Su Mushuo.”
“Mhm~ Is Lil’ Mushuo here for the book?”
“Eh… um… isn’t there supposed to be a Holy Sword around here?”
“That huh… your friend has already retrieved it. And this book is for you, Mushuo.”

The queen had let go of me before immediately turning into a white speck.5

“How about giving it a read~”

But of course, not without leaving those drawn-out last words.


  2. Silva: ok, this time it says she has pointy ear, I really have no idea if it’s referring to elves or fairies this time… send halp
  3. Silva: Yea… ok 1.8 meters, this should be an elf right? RIGHT?
    Fire: Yes
  4. Silva: Well, in the boarder sense of the word, Elves are also categorized as Fairies, so this should be fine right? Or should I just go with Queen of the Elves?
    Fire: Who the hell knows at this point
  5. Silva: Is she a fairy or an elf, make it clear!!
    Liomad: My bet’s on fairy.
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