My Loli Brother Chapter 19

To Genshin or not to Genshin… that’s the question. Genshin Impact has been real popular these days and it’s the talk all over the net, and I have no idea why. I wanted to try it but I’m scared to start playing games that’d take up much of my time. One of the main reason which I stopped playing games nowadays (mostly) is because I have limited amount of time a week and I don’t have much self-control, I’m afraid that if I start playing, I won’t have time to finish my work.

Then again, everyday after I finish my work, I just shut down my PC and lie on my bed, staring at my phone and doing nothing productive for the whole day. Should I play? Should I not play? Will I be able to control myself? Should I let the patrons of Re:Library suffer from lack of chapters due to my bad decision? More importantly, is the game really that fun?

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