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Chapter 19 – The Room, the Fairy, and the Holy Sword

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1296 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 848 words
Editor(s): Fire

————Nangong’s Perspective————

Mushuo, she… disappeared after entering that room?

“H-hey! Where did Mushuo go?!”
“What are you playing at, her name’s still on the party list.”
“But… she’s nowhere to be seen after entering the room…”

Muqing doubtfully glanced at the half-opened door and walked over to it, but she also disappeared before my eyes as soon as she peeked through the door.

What the heck just happened?!

As I’m completely susceptible to horror, my legs were pinned on the spot. I’ve never been good with horror games and the likes!1

I tried to pump myself up and neared the door, peeking through the gap with my trembling body.

On the other side was a… boulder roughly two meters high and four meters wide. There was a weirdly-shaped sword stuck on top of the boulder and a beam of light shone upon it from the ceiling. It gave off a weirdly venerable feeling.

Why does this scene look oddly familiar?2

I got in front of the boulder and earnestly observed the sword.

It was then I finally understood Mushuo’s feeling of wanting to drag God down from his high pedestal and beat him up.

Isn’t this the Holy Sword owned by a certain Arthur from a certain Fate series?! Will it also fire off a beam of golden light if we shout “Excalibur—!!”?

“Yo, so you are the hero that Colbert mentioned?”

Suddenly, a voice was transmitted to my ears. I looked around doubtfully but there wasn’t a shadow to be seen nor did any information window pop up.

“I’m over here yo.”

The girl’s voice became clearer. Then, at the same time, a small information panel pops up from the light beam that enveloped the Holy Sword. Below the panel was a ball of white light.

Langley Alfrieda, LV? ??, ???

What the heck?! Other than the name, the rest of the information is in question marks!

The ball of light flew towards me and stopped before my eyes. It then dissipated to reveal a white-haired, palm-sized fairy3 in a green dress. The little fairy was gazing at me with an inquisitive look.

I was momentarily entranced by her appearance.

……So cute…… She’s almost as cute as Mushuo……

“Oi! You haven’t spoken a word since entering here! Are you mute?”
“Ah… I-I’m sorry…”
“Hmph~ Since you managed to come this far, you must be the one Colbert was talking about.”

The fairy placed her left hand on her hips and balled her right hand into a fist to knock on my head twice.

It doesn’t hurt at all…

I thought that while glancing at the HP bar at the upper left of my vision.

“I am Langley, Langley Alfrieda, the guardian spirit of this sword.”

Character Update.

Langley Alfrieda, LV??
(Fairy, Guardian Spirit)
【Holy Sword’s Spirit-??-Guardian of the Holy Sword-Survival of the Abyss-??……】

“Guardian Spirit?”

I asked while looking at the new info.

“That’s right. That sword and I are one entity, so you can think of the two of us as one.”

That’s a difficult concept to grasp, does that mean I’m currently talking to a sword?

Langley observed me for a while, then her cheeks puffed up before she knocked on my forehead once more with her right fist.

“Mu… why is this guy so quiet like a log? Aren’t you supposed to be in awe at this Holy Sword?”
“…………Woah?! So cool!! Is that the Holy Sword?!”

She firmly struck on my forehead again and finally reduced my HP by 1.

Quest Updated.

Side Quest: Holy Sword
Pull out the Holy Sword stuck on the boulder.

I have to pull the sword?

I got distracted by the update for a moment.

“Do you know the name of that sword?” Langley asked.

Yet I didn’t answer.

“Hey! I’m talking to you!”
“Sheesh, honestly! If the hero is this sluggish, not to mention the Demon King, you won’t even be able to beat a dragon!”

I peeked at the fairy and mumbled:

“……So cute……”
“Eh?! W-What are you saying all of a sudden, idiot!”4

The fairy’s face became as red as a tomato as she resumed to hit me with her fist.

Once she’s had enough, she stood on my left shoulder and glanced towards the Holy Sword with me.

“What’s… the origin of that sword?”
“I was about to explain about it. That’s the Holy Sword, the one that cut off the Demon King’s right arm before.”

Only the right arm? Did that witch trick us by telling us it was the sword that once slayed the Demon King?

Langley continued.

“According to legend, this sword appeared from the rift of the other world. After the last hero had passed away, the sword was inherited by the ‘Sword Saint’ Colbert. It was then Colbert sealed me along with that sword in this Magic Tower until the arrival of the next hero.”

Langley rose into the air and gracefully spun around before hovering in front of the Holy Sword.

“Its real name is…

(Insert appropriate background music here)

‘Excalibur’, the strongest Holy Sword.”



  1. Silva: Why does that sound so familiar.. sounds like something a *certain* someone would say (points at self)
  2. Silva: Well of course it is…
  3. Silva: Oh sheet! So the 精灵 in this novel actually refers to fairies and not elves! I hate how Chinese don’t have enough vocabularies to differentiate between elves and fairies…
  4. Silva: Tempted to type “baka” here
    Fire: Let out your inner weebness, Silva
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