Not Sure, Another World Chapter 86

My new anime figure arrived this week, for those of you who may not be keeping track the exact one in question is Nemesis from Infinite Dendrogram.
I used to be an avid reader of that series but I lost my place in the limited time chapter releases I got as part of J-Novels membership and starting over would require buying all the volumes I previously read so I kept delaying it to start new franchises instead.
However I still mostly consider myself a fan and Nemesis IS waifu material.

I wish I had my own AI companion.
Reincarnating as an AI would be fun too.

Also Silva installed this plugin thing and it keeps trying to tell me I should write 600 words for this pre-chapter rambles but I think that’s completely overkill.
Less is more in these cases.

Click the Link to Start Reading:
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