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Chapter 86 – Plain Yet Relatively Important Training – Second Part

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1815 words

Okay, today was the second day of my serious training. But then, I was only going to make swords used as the materials for making magic swords. With that, the days of my plain training began…!

Since I’d already talked to the master, I received a lot of extra steel. But first of all, I had to turn all of this into a smelt ingot. That being said, my [Metalwork] was already at LV10, and my [Blacksmith]’s level was also quite high. Processing them using [Creation Magic] wouldn’t consume much of my MP.

Well, even if the consumption was actually a little heavy, my MP had increased dramatically yesterday. Probably, it was because I kept using it continuously to make a magic sword yesterday. All of a sudden, it went from 650 to 950. The increase was a bit abrupt, wasn’t it?

But then, I could handle the strain of using too many MP now, so first, I converted all of the steel materials in this room into ingots. Here I go! …Right, it was pretty easy. Since all sorts of magic-related skills had improved in level, that should be the reason, I guess?

After that, I stored everything in [Storage] and moved to the usual blacksmith workshop I rented. Then I immediately forged the swords. Keep smithing and smithing.

Thanks to my various skill level-ups, my speed on forging the swords were extremely fast. Taking one hour to finish a sword was too insane. Unbelievable.

…Well, I don’t really mind, though… Yeah, I just thought that this started to become a production cheat, you know? But once it actually happened, I felt somewhat strange… 

I kept forging from eight in the morning until eleven in the noon, planning to finish three swords for the time being. After that, it took me one hour to wrap up everything. Twelve o’clock, it was already lunchtime… I took a look at the swords I finished using [Appraisal], but their quality wasn’t the ‘highest quality’, but ‘excellent sword’. What a shocking development. The heck is that!?

‘Excellent sword’ shouldn’t be something one could easily make, right!? [Blacksmith] LV8 was that amazing!? No, too crazy! To think that I could forge excellent swords without any difficulty now… it would be dangerous if someone found out, wouldn’t it!?

I shouldn’t show this to the master even if he asked me to show the sword I forged… Since I had given attributes to all of my previous forged swords, I couldn’t show those to him too. This is bad… what should I do…?

By the way, after surpassing ‘excellent sword’, the quality would turn into ‘supreme sword’. That was the highest rank of sword quality. If I could forge that, I had no choice but to escape from this place.

…Huh? By running away, it probably meant that my blacksmith training was over, right?

With such a thing in my mind, it was already afternoon. During lunch, I desperately tried not to behave in a strange way. Somehow, I’m already tired…

Now then, I couldn’t just stop forging swords. The level of [Magic Sword Creation] and so on went up at a stretch yesterday. But since I managed to do that considering how I had a lot of swords as the materials, I couldn’t do anything else without going on the straight path from here.

Hmm, but I was already bored with this. Even though I could see my goal properly, I had been doing the same thing for almost two months now. Maybe I should do something different for a while? Look, how about making a katana? I had challenged myself to make it, but it all ended up in failure. But now, I had a lot of blacksmithing skills. It should be okay.

With that being said, I put an ingot in the furnace! And activated the [Creation Magic] skill as planned! The blacksmithing started! How should I forge a katana!? …Ah, I feel like I get it somehow? After that, I let my body move as it wishes, not resisting the skill correction…

…And now, I finished forging a katana. But only the blade. Oh dear, it was surprisingly manageable.

This was my first commemorable katana, so let’s finish this as it was. Katana had various components, but the handle was made out of wood wrapped in silk. But to curb my boredom, maybe I should play a bit with this? How about making it all metal? I could use steel to make the handle and knitted steel thread as the handle wrapper… I didn’t know how to make them, but just go with [Creation Magic] at times like this!

Okay, I made it. This had happened many times, but I still felt somewhat guilty… Oh well, it’s all good. And with that, I tried to make everything from the ornaments to the scabbard with metal.

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Yeah, even I thought that it was kind of stupid. But for now, let’s check it with [Appraisal]. The name was ‘Unsigned Katana’. The quality was ‘good quality’. Since this was my first time, I guess this result was only as expected. By the way, the length of the blade was the average size of a sword. Eh? I wouldn’t be able to draw the sword? No way. Since the blade was curved unlike the straight sword, I should be able to draw it by twisting my body at the waist and matching it with my movement. …I should be able to draw it, right?

Hmm, based on my knowledge and experience in my previous life, I believe I can do that…? Let’s try it later.

So, before making the second one, I checked my status first. Hmm… I acquired [Katana Smith] skill LV1 and [Steel Thread Creation] skill LV2. After that, there was [Katana Maker]. Hmm, so the skill to make a katana was different… It would be difficult to raise the level. Well, I had no choice but to do my best.

Oh well, now that I have checked my status, let’s try to forge a katana like this in the afternoon. Apparently, I would also get experience for [Blacksmith] skill even if I forge a katana?




Whew. I’m back, and it’s five in the evening now. I completed a total of four katanas, including my first one. I properly made everything until the end.

Right after I finished my fourth one, my [Katana Smith] was LV2 and [Steel Thread Creation] was Lv4. The steel thread skill easily went up, but it seemed like it would take a long time to level up the katana skill… However, I was very tired. Probably because I made something unfamiliar. It was a bit early, but I would wrap it up here today. Well, I was doing this as a hobby, not as a job. I’m not going to overdo it.

With that, I took a break in the usual familiar courtyard. There was still some time before dinner, so I’d like to try to see if I could pull out the katana I had forged with great pains. …But normal adults or people with big bodies should be able to draw it, okay? What’s important was whether “I” could do it or not.

I pulled myself together, bent my knees to get into the posture. Then I took a step, twisted my body at my waist, and used my whole body to pull out the katana… Oh, I did it. Great. I’m amazing. I returned the katana into the scabbard as it was.

By the way, doing it like this was too dull, so I tried to do iai1 by relying on my memory of my past life.

Shuu! Hyuu! …Ching.

I smoothly drew the katana at a high speed, repositioned my posture, cut down the air, and maneuvered to return the katana to its scabbard. …Oh, I was really cool just now. Fufufu.


Sounds like something dropped? Apparently, the master and everyone else was watching me when I was pleased with myself. No way, how embarrassing!

“H-hourai sword…?”
“Is that a hourai sword?”

Hourai? What’s that?

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“Eh? No, this is a katana.”

“Katana is a hourai sword, though? …I see. Miss, I already know that you have a good skill, but… No wonder. I heard that Hourai blacksmith is skillful, but I didn’t expect you to be descended from there…”

Master seemed to have been convinced with something on his own. His sons also fixed their gazes on the katana in my hand… Hey? Can you hear me? What do you mean with Hourai? Hey Ed, can you tell your teacher?

“Umm, what is Hourai?”
“Eh? Teacher, you forged a Hourai sword even though you’re not from Hourai?”

No, I don’t understand you. So what is hourai? Just tell me already.

“Hourai is…”

Hourai seemed to be an island country with a unique culture in the east. To put it simply, the country had a Japanese-style culture that you could find easily in fantasy stories. I probably should’ve expected this kind of country in this world.

By the way, Hourai wasn’t going in national isolation, but they traded with this continent by importing and exporting in a small amount.

It seemed that the goods that were imported from Hourai were traded at high prices as work of art. Among them, the katana was called the “Hourai Sword.” Since it was an excellent weapon, people traded it at a very high price. Even if a katana with a bad quality would still cost hundreds of gold coins. Depending on the quality, it could even reach a thousand gold coins… By the way, there were no blacksmiths on this continent who could forge katana. It seemed like Hourai regulated the outflow of their skilled craftsman.

That means, my existence was too questionable! I was a person who shouldn’t be here! No wayyyyy!? Many unpleasant things would happen if I didn’t shut their mouth here! First, I need to make necessary arrangements with master who has been mumbling alone since before!

“Umm, master… Please keep the fact that I can forge this katana as a secret…”
“Hm? Ahh, I know. Don’t worry. It will only bring troubles after all… Hey, you all! Talking about this is banned! Definitely make sure that no one outside will know!”

Right, it should be safe now… I think? No, I’m a little worried, so let’s force one katana on master. In this kind of time, I should bribe him to shut up! (Physical) muzzling!

“Master, I will give you this, so please make sure to keep it a secret! Really! You understand, right!?”
“Ah, okay… No, is this really okay?”
“Yes! So please don’t speak of this matter to anyone!”
“Got it. Leave it to me!”

…Is it safe now? But if the information still leaks, I should run away. Let’s do so.2 3


  1. iai = Japanese martial art that emphasizes being aware and capable of quickly drawing the sword and responding to a sudden attack (from Wikipedia)
  2. Silva: And Ren did it again, now she has more people to run away from.
  3. Robinxen: Lots of notes this time.
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