Blue Sky Chapter 8

Where better to talk gaming than a web novel about a game?!
I’m a genius right?

Well on the tail end of the steam sale I picked up Battletech and Valkyria Chronicles 4.
So far I’ve been playing a bit of the campaign of Battletech, I’m not particularly good at it, I’m sure there’s a lot I need to learn.
I’ve been having fun with it though.

Still yet to give Valkyria a shot but I’m looking forward to it, I hope I do well though.
I don’t think I ever finished the first game actually. I got to the final fight but I never managed to complete it for whatever reason.
I don’t remember if it was just because I got stuck, or if I never got back to it, I do remember watching a streamer play it so maybe I lost motivation to do the boss battle after seeing the ending elsewhere?
Well, I am interested to see another side of the Europa war.

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