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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 67

Have you guys been playing the english release of Phantasy Star Online 2?
It’s got so many problems on PC, so many.
The compulsory integration with XBOX Live was a disaster decision, did you know that not even the friend function works in game?
You can’t add friends on Phantasy Star Online! You have to add XBOX friends, and to do that you need to load the external app! What kind of logic is that?!

Well I have been enjoying it at least. Though I picked Ranger as my class planning to farm some half decent gear before switching to Force as my main but I’ve sort of grown comfortable with this class. Oops. Might have to rethink all my future plans haha.

The funniest part is that the game is US only and has no in game store. So if I want to give them money for stuff I have to open the US Microsoft store, buy a third party US gift card and redeem it to get anything from them.
Like they refuse to take my foreign money.

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