Chapter 67 – Soap Play

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1076 words

 Welp, I’m full.

 I would like to try making various chicken dishes using this meat. Hmm.

 While thinking about other ways to use the chicken, I told the other two who had bloated stomachs that they could go take a bath. But for some reason, I was also dragged along.

 My bathroom had a big bathtub so it could fit three people at once, but for some reason the breathing of the other two became rough. The chattering and looks in their eyes are a bit scary……is it possible to not join them? No?

 Anyways, we were currently undressing. Due to the size of the bathroom, the dressing room was a bit small. Although, I just used Storage and undressed instantly…….

“Ren, your ***** are big.”
“Is that so?”
“Lily’s are small~”
“Arisa, please shut up for a bit.”

 Flat is justice……no, never mind.

 Because it would be sudden to just get completely naked instantly, I only removed my clothes and was still in my underwear. Yes, it’s adult underwear as usual. Apparently, the effect was overwhelming as the eyes of the other two became scary.

“That underwear is amazing…….I’ve never seen such a design before.”
“Where did you buy it?”
“I made it myself. Apparently, the shape doesn’t sag if I use this kind of design structure, so this lets me maintain my physique.”

 I wasn’t exactly sure of the details since it was just something I heard from a prostitute in my previous life. I used to be an old man in his later thirties, but now I was an eleven-year-old girl with an ever-growing chest. The effect was far from felt.

“…….I kinda want one.”
“No, Lily, we don’t have that kind of sex appeal~”

 The two were talking about something, but I ignored them and got naked before heading inside the bathroom. First-

 I had to wash my body first because there were people other than myself, but because the bathtub took up so much space, the washing area was small. As such, I decided to replace the bathwater when it became dirty and had the other two get in the bathtub first.

 In other words, they were going to watch me wash my body……but nothing I could do about that.

 Both the shampoo and body soap were the dispenser container-type. The container was made of wood and glass instead of plastic. There obviously wasn’t a shower, so I had to create hot water using water magic to wash away the soap. I plan on installing a shower soon. Using some sort of magic tool.

 And so I began washing my head. Scrub scrub scrub.

“That liquid, is it soap? That’s a lot of bubbles?”
“I saw the secret to Ren’s glossy hair~!”

 Yep, correct. So soap in this world didn’t create as much foam. Or rather, it doesn’t seem to be in gel form and was in solid form instead. I saw the solid soap for the first time at Lily’s house, but the quality was complex…… when I washed my hair with it, it lost its glossiness and became dull. Although there was a balm that I could apply to make my hair glossy, I passed on it since it would likely make my hair sticky. But it wasn’t a problem because I had also made a conditioner. Treatment? Since it was troublesome to make, I passed on it. Everything in moderation.

 After washing my hair, I fixed it in place with a hair clip. Next, I washed my body. Scrub scrub scrub.

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“……It’s a different soap than the one you used to wash your hair.”
“I saw the secret to Ren’s soft skin~!”

 Yes, yes, that’s right. I didn’t mind them watching, but I would like them to be quieter.

 When I finished washing my body, I switched with the other two. The two were washing together, so I replaced the hot water and got inside, then watched the two start applying soap. It was a sight to behold. Well, they watched me too, right? ……Would they get angry if I touch them? Hmm, should I hold back then……? Wait, they’re already washing it off? Ah, I missed my chance!? Dang it!

 Eh? Aren’t I being a bit cowardly? I’m capable of touching them under the right circumstances! How rude!

“This will make my hair glossy!”
“This will make me soft~!”

 …..You’re only using it for today though? Isn’t it pointless if you don’t use it continuously? I carefully observed the naked bodies of the two and engraved it into my mind. Lily’s back was larger, but Arisa’s chest was bigger. I think Lily’s buttocks are also a bit bigger? But Arisa has thicker arms and legs. Since she’s a swordsman.

 Lily seemed to be the slender and lean type. And Arisa appeared to be the sexy, sporty type. Both were irresistible. Let’s advance on them tonight!1

 Additionally, both of them had long hair. But Lily, who usually kept her hair in a ponytail, had longer hair. It went all the way down past her shoulder blades. Arisa had twin tails and her hair was long enough to hang over her shoulders.2

 Me? Mine are around my waist. My bangs were also very long. Kitaro style.3 Whenever I took a bath, my hair would usually become heavy with water. I could have just cut it, but somehow it ended up becoming this long. Mainly because I felt cutting it was troublesome.

 The two of them finished washing their bodies, and the three of us were sitting together in the bathtub with our knees side by side. I had made the bathtub big enough so that I could stretch my legs and relax…..but it’s a different story when entering with other people. Soloing is the best way to do anything~ But I’m not a loner, I’m just a solo player.

“Even though we came to the depths of the forest to gather herbs, we were able to eat delicious food~”
“And even though we’re camping, we’re currently relaxing in a bath…….”
“And afterward, we’ll even be able to sleep nice and comfortably~”
“We’re currently in the middle of a request, right? We’re deep in the forest, right?”
“Isn’t it alright? Isn’t it tiring to be worrying about it the entire time?”

 They were in a bath and looked exhausted, how about you two just stop worrying about it?

“ “ Whose fault do you think this is!? ” ”




  2. Silva: Shoulder blades? Shoulders? Are they supposed to be long? It’s no longer than a man’s hair…
  3. Silva: Not sure what’s a kitaro style, but all the search led me to over the eye hair, AKA emo hair :P
  4. Robinxen: If only it was a legal imouto and not an illegal onee-san. An imouto harem……ah what wonder.

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