My Loli Brother

[Teaser] My Loli Brother

Huh? Another new series? Nay, don’t get too excited yet, you notice the “teaser” in the title? That’s right! This be just a teaser, we’re not picking this up fer real! This might be one of those projects that will be updated once every week or never. For now, since I no longer have a project to call my own, I will be translating random teasers here and there. Eventually, I will put up a poll and let you guys vote among all the teasers that I do which you want us to pick up.

Anyway, moving on, let me talk a bit more about this novel. Do note that I am the type the only read as I translate so I honestly don’t know much more than you other than what I’ve translated and read. Firstly, this is a Chinese Gender Bender novel, well duh, and it takes place in an RPG world. The brother and sister fought over the PC and they unexpectedly got transported into an RPG world as a result, and to top it all off, the brother turned into a blue-haired loli. Now, the brother-sister pair is trapped in this strange world and in order to survive, they must get stronger. And thus, they set off to hunt a wild boar… but wait…?

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