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Chapter 1 – I’m a Mage, but…?!

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1586 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1077 words
Editor(s): Yanga

The god must be playing tricks on me.

As you might guess, this isn’t my original world. Though the scenery is enchanting and the green meadow feels like it’s inviting me to sleep on it…

But if you were getting chased by a wild boar that’s two times your size, would you still be looking forward to exploring this strange world?!

Moreover, how did I turn from a seven feet man into a blue-haired loli?!1

I was running for dear life in between the bushes.

The red bar at the upper left side of my vision only had half of its content remaining, and the white bar below it was nearly exhausted, but that big guy behind me didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping.

Big bro! Upon reaching the trail ahead, turn to the right side! Jump once you notice a tree with a net hanging off of it!

Suddenly the voice of a young girl resounded in my head. Without much thought, I squeezed into the bush at the right2 and immediately jumped off the ground when I saw the tree in question and took hold of the net3. After that, I was pulled up together with the net without missing a beat.

Unable to stop in time, the wild boar stepped onto the rocky ground and activated a trap laid out there4. A steel-jawed leg-hold trap about the same size as the boar5 instantly sprung up from the ground and sealed its movement.

While letting out an anguished wail, the big guy fell to the ground before ramming into the tree.

——And thus felled the tree as a result.

Dammit! Isn’t the tree’s durability6 too low?!

I cursed in my heart as I fell along with the tree.


The red bar on the upper left of my vision decreased once again.

A short while later, a rustling sound could be heard from the bushes and a black-haired girl appeared with a dagger in hand. Her outfit reminded me of the thief class in a certain game.

And it was a 16 years old female thief.

Oi! What’s with the “my brother is such a loser” look on your face?7

“I told you to pull the aggro, and you did such a good job at it. So good in fact, that you’re on par with the Holy Knight’s Taunt skill8,” said the young girl as she walked in my direction. Using the dagger to cut the net, it immediately turned into white particles and dissipated into the air.

“Who in their right mind would use a Mage to pull the aggro?! Moreover, aren’t you a thief? Why aren’t any of your traps working?”

A soft and immature voice came out of my mouth as soon as I spoke. It gave me an immense sense of discomfort.

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Just for a teeny bit, it actually felt very pleasant? Was that a misconception?

“How am I supposed to know, maybe it is resistant to the tree spring noose trap, just look at its size…”
“Now’s not the time to talk about its size!!9

The one holding the dagger was my sister, Su Muqing. She had a Thief Job in this weird, game-like world.

You heard that right, she’s a thief. But so far, most of her skills were trap related. Other than some basic attack skills and LV1 Throat Cut skill, she had nothing else.10

I got up and patted my clothes to get rid of the grass sticking to me, then I looked at my hands involuntarily.11

My originally big hands had now turned into these petite hands. The contrast was making me sort of feel out of place. But fortunately, my Job was a Mage. The spacious magician robe could easily cover up the changes in my body. Other than the long blue hair and my decreased field of view, it shouldn’t cause too many complications.

I feel utterly relieved just thinking of those guys who became she-male instead.

…… Why did my line of sight suddenly turn towards my pitiful chest? Pay attention!

Muqing passed a staff that’s about… well, the same height as the “current” me, and also a book as thick as the Chinese dictionary to me. With that, I started walking towards the wild boar that was done in by the trap skill.12

The thief skill ‘Beast Trap’, it becomes more effective as the character levels up. It can capture beast-type monsters up to LV50 without fail.

Only now was I able to take a good look at the big guy who chased me all over the place.

Wild Boar Chief, Elite Rank, LV3, HP: 19 / 380
Current Condition: Trapped13

It was actually an elite monster?

While I was looking at the information window that floated on top of the wild boar, I thought to myself: This looks like a normal RPG, but why would my sister and I be in this strange world?

Moreover, I even became a cute young girl!

“Big bro, do you think it’ll drop equipment if we kill it?”

Muqing kicked the boar, causing 1 point of damage to the beast and its HP bar to flash a dangerous red.

Something felt wrong, but before I could voice out my doubt, the Wild Boar Chief got up to its feet, completely ignoring Muqing’s beast trap14. It was in a berserk state, its eyes red and steam coming out of its nostrils.

………… it even looked like even snot was expelled? Why was that scene so comical?

Regardless of that, it didn’t change the heavy pressure it exerted on us.

“You idiot! It’ll go berserk when its HP drop below 5%!”

This applied to all the boss monsters in the RPG, and it seemed like that was true for this world too. Well, aside from normal mobs.15

Moreover, Muqing was only LV2 at the moment, it wasn’t as effective on a LV3 Wild Boar Chief.16

“The power of earth, soar and roar, heed my command and strike my target!”17

While I chanted smoothly with my new loli voice, I tapped the ground with my staff. Following that, two bucket-sized stones floated up from the ground and rapidly shot towards the wild boar’s head.

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Two red damage counters with the value -20 popped up and drained its remaining HP.

The wild boar instantly turned into white particles and scattered like the net from earlier. In its place, there was an odd-looking tusk and a thick book.


  1. Yanga: good job god, we don’t need Machos
  2. Yanga: author be like:
    “consistency? wads diz? Is it tasty?
    I said something else the last sentence? ehhhh? I dun care?! :owotantrum:
  3. Yanga: remember running on a meadow?
    so, when you do that, you usually can see a bit ahead… like multiple hundred meters. so our protag learned to fly within just a few lines. good job
  4. Yanga: sudden trap makes an appearanca!
    trap got run over by boar and died!
    seems like this novel will only have loli mage orz
  5. Yanga: ohhh it’s a giant trap.. that is good at biting
  6. Yanga: must be lvl 1 tree. no time to evolve yet
  7. Yanga: good bye brother. you were a bad nii-chan. but I’m sure you’ll be a good imouto
  8. Yanga: big boar is lolicon confirmed.
  9. Yanga: two girls discussing size. Can only mean two things right? b** or d***
  10. Yanga: Assassin Thief?
  11. Yanga: waaaaaait. what happened to boar-kun? already dead? just from a trap?
    must have been an exhausting session
  12. Yanga: ohhhhh. Trap has been victorious
  13. Yanga: waaaaait. it’s not yet dead? even though it got killed?
    is this the famous “I’ll kill you so hard you will de to death”?!
  14. Yanga: Big boar used comeback!
  15. Yanga: heavy emphasizing on the “not for normal mobs”! This is boss exclusive! have to say it twice! boss exclusive! we don’t have any other redeeming features for our bosses, so let’s say it again, BOSS EXCLUSIVE!
  16. Yanga: wait what? what’s ineffecitve? did she do something? was that kick a skill?!
    … oh wait, must be the trap. byebye trap-kun.
  17. Silva: Silva made up the most cringey incantation. Don’t let Silva deal with incantation, you’ll wake up the non-existent chuuni in me!

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