Hero King

[New Series] Hero King

And here, Re:Library brought to you… yet another new series!! Two new series in one month, wow!! Huh? What? Did I say something about restraining myself and slowing down my pace? You must’ve misheard. When there are so many capable translators out there looking for a job, when there are still so many Gender Bender novels out there that I wanted to read, how can I restrain myself!

This translator is introduced to me by Yuki, he is known as Mab, and honestly, this is probably one of the best translator I’ve seen yet. His work attitude is admirable, he works really fast, and his vocabulary is also pretty good. I can’t ask for better! Please put your hands together and give Mab a warm welcome.

The plan for Hero King is 2 chapters per week, this for now is a teaser chapter. We will only officially start publishing this series at a fixed time in May.

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