Chapter 1 – The Hero King, Inglis

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3403 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1554 words
Editor(s): Silva & Alruna

The Capital of Sylveria, Sylvair Kingdom—

Within the royal palace atop the hill that towered the town beneath it, the Hero King Inglis, the man who founded a great kingdom across the continent, was counting his final breaths.
Beside the grandiose bed was a row of the King’s vassals, each one of them had anxiety plastered all over their face, much like children who lost their parents.
It was hardly a surprise — the existence of the old king meant that much of an absolute being to them.

During his youth, the young Inglis who received the blessing of the Goddess Alistair, had awakened a godly power transcending any human, 『Divine Knight』.
Wielding such power in his hand, young Inglis annihilated demon beasts and Evil Gods off the continent and built the Sylvair Kingdom after.
He established an excelling governing body, enriched the country and brought smiles amongst the people.
The Sylvair Kingdom, which was then said to have lasted for millenia, was built within a single generation.

Between the various achievements he left behind and the noble spirit he held for his people to give selflessly, the scholars were convinced that the King Inglis was the single greatest King in known history.
There would be hundreds, if not thousands of songs the minstrels and troubadours sang, praising the King.

There was a Hero with such a big name, and this country was about to lose him.
No matter how reputable a Hero one might be, no one could escape the death by old age.
Nobody can even begin to imagine the Sylvair Kingdom without Inglis as its King.
It would be impossible for one not to be saddened.

「Men. Don’t make such a face. I can’t pass away if you keep tugging my robe.」

Even with the peaceful tone, the joke King Inglis spewed was anything but.
For his body that had been weakened by old age, even getting up from his bed was a huge struggle.

「If-, if so, please, restore your health once again! Both this country and its people still need your guidance, Your Majesty!」

So said one of the ministers, drowning in tears.

「Don’t ask the impossible. This is what the heaven wills — I sure have fought hard, if I do say so myself. I had been saved a lot by all of you too… you have my gratitude, my men. I leave the rest to you——」

Having received their King’s words, the vassals began to sob.
The King was happy they were thinking of him but he had long since made his resolution, along with his senile body. He would have preferred a cheerful departure and who could blame him for that wish?


That was when a clear, beautiful voice of a female rang in his ear, that voice flooded King Inglis with nostalgia.
As far as he was aware, this individual was the only person who would ever call him by his given name since he had become someone of this position, regardless of his own wish.

Life is a mystery. He never even thought he would become a King in his younger days.
He planned to live only off his sword, relying only on his own strength but after he met this individual, everything changed.

「Ou… Long time no see.」

King Inglis casted his mask aside.
A beautiful woman clad in a white dress stood by his bedside, she had shown up so suddenly, without any warning.

「Your Majesty, what’s wrong?」

His vassals seemed to be incapable of witnessing her appearance.
That would be obvious. No human could perceive the sight of a God, unless the God themselves wished to.
The reason King Inglis could see her was because, as a Divine Knight, he was half-man half-god himself.
And the one who blessed the young Inglis to be a Divine Knight was none other than the Goddess Alistair standing in front of him.

「It’s nothing. Everyone, leave me for a moment. I want to be alone.」

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With those words, King Inglis made his vassals leave the room.
No one seemed to notice the existence of Goddess Alistair.
After he was alone with the goddess, King Inglis smiled delightfully.

「How nostalgic. When was the last time we met? You’re as beautiful as the last time I saw you. I really wanted to see you for one last time.」
「Me too. Inglis——」

The Goddess Alistair gently swept King Inglis’ wrinkled cheeks.

「I’m really grateful for your hard work. You fought really well for this world and the people in it.」
「If you’re the one saying so, it makes the little strength I exhausted feel worth the struggle. You’re making this old man blush.」
「Fufufu. That’s the same for me. So my eyes didn’t make a mistake when I made you a Divine Knight, after all.」

Goddess Alistair showed a smile so brilliant that nothing in the world could even compare.

「Inglis. The reason I showed up before you today——」
「I understand. You’re here to care after this sickly elderly on his deathbed, right?」
「No, far from it. I’m here to reward you for all the achievements you have done——Have you any wish? I can fulfill anything you want, as long as it’s within my power.」
「Anything, you say?」
「I did. Considering of the work you have done, this much should be obvious.」

With a smile still decorating her face, the Goddess nodded.
Upon such, King Inglis fell into thought.
He held no shame in the life he lived.
He really felt that he had done his best.
However, there were, of course, paths in which he regretted he had not chosen.
Emotions and life weren’t such simple things, after all.

The only regret of King Inglis — that was to say, was that he wasn’t able to master his own martial arts.
Certainly, he did obtain the power that transcended any other as the Divine Knight, but he was swamped with his obligation as a King, especially after the foundation of the Sylvair Kingdom, that he had no time to train at all.
It was a regret he held as a warrior.
For that was King Inglis’ wish, he responded.

「Let me see… If I may hope, I wish to be reborn.」
「For what reason, Inglis?」
「I’m interested in living a different life. My whole life was devoted to my country and my people. There is no regret for what I did. They are my prized treasure.」
「However, what if I dedicated my life, not as a King, but as a warrior — I cannot say that I am not curious about the limit of my strength. If you were to allow me, I want to live such a life.」
「…I see. Now I remember, you were a soldier when I first met you.」
「That’s right. I believe I’m more of a warrior and less of a king at my root. In addition, wouldn’t it be interesting to know where this country heads to if I were to be born in the future? Just how would everyone lead this country from here on out — I want to know all of it.」
「…I understand, Inglis. I shall grant your wish.」

So said the goddess with a smile.

「I look forward to seeing you again, reborn anew, far in the future」

She then softly embraced King Inglis’ thin, withered body.
Inglis closed his eyes, letting his body fall into said pleasantness.
As he did so, the goddess disappeared, unnoticed by any.

That evening, King Inglis departed.
At the end of his life, he was on his room’s balcony, watching the breathtaking sight of the Kingdom and the people he poured his everything into.
Many of his loyal subjects witnessed the fall of the great hero.
His face was calm, kind and full of affection for his people.
The Kingdom of Sylvair had just lost their father.
They would have to walk on their own feet from now on——

And time passed—

After a period of unconsciousness, a window of time that both felt like an eternity and an instant, King Inglis was finally regaining his consciousness.
In the haziness of his vision, he could see the silhouettes of two people.
A woman with black hair and a man with silver hair.

The man hugged his body.
His body was small and hard to operate.
This was how it felt to have the body of a baby.

So I really reincarnated, as expected of a Goddess

Inglis couldn’t help but admire.

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「Ha ha ha ha! Here Inglis, go high~♪」

This man would be his father. The silver-haired man lifted him up in elation.
Apparently, the name given to him was the same name he always had, Inglis.
Personally, it was very welcoming.
After all, it was a name he had been living with for such a long time, he was attached to it.

「Dear. Inglis might get scared if you swing her so much.」
「Aah, I see, sorry. But really, you did well Selena! What a pretty girl she is, much like you are!」

What!? A girl!?

Inglis freaked in her heart.
Her shock then simply turned into a cry of a baby.


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