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Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 19

Hm… I guess since everyone’s at home now, more people are looking for work “online”… there’ve been so many new potential translators coming to me these days, but I don’t have enough funding to pay all of them… wE-NeEd-m0rE-fuNDs,Plox-sUbcrIbe-t0-pAtrEon.

Well, all jokes aside, it’s a shame that I can’t hire them all, but then again, hiring too many people at once can also be stressful. You have to make sure their translations are of high quality and submits their work on time. Having to edit a badly translated work is rough enough, having to keep chasing after them for late submission is even worse. I definitely don’t enjoy doing any of those, and having to fire someone is probably the worst feeling of all. So yeah, I’ll take my time slowly. We still need to “train up” the two problem child(? Adult?) at the moment before we decide whether to take in someone new…

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