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Chapter 19 – Beauty is a Sin

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1535 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1001 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

After they formed a party and left the Adventurer Guild, they were attracting countless eyes from the street.

Rakshasa: Princess, they’re all looking at you.
“Stop calling me Princess.” Yaeger cast a displeased look at her, “If they want to look, just leave them be.”

Ah, why am I so beautiful?1 Yaeger didn’t say that out loud.

Rakshasa: Oh, then how should I address you?
“Do as you wish, just don’t call me Princess.”
Rakshasa: Then how about Big Sis Princess?

Yaeger frowned, I am a man for god’s sake!

The character name that’s floating above her head was already making her very depressed, and now even Big Sis was attached to her name…

“Please, just call me Princess.”
Rakshasa: Oh, then Princess, where are you going now?
“We’re going outside.” While speaking, Yaeger retrieved the 【Gale Sword】 and gave it to Rakshasa, “This sword is better suited for you, take it.”

That was a Blue Equipment and she gave it away without even blinking her eyes. That was not something the Yaeger of the past would do.
After all, a Blue Equipment could be sold for a lot of money in the early stage of the game.

Rakshasa delightfully received the Gale Sword: Thank you! Let me see if I have something appropriate for you!

Following that, she opened her item box to check her items. She soon noticed a pair of Blue gloves that increased Agility.

Rakshasa: Princess, for you!
She took out the gloves and gave it to Yaeger.

“You’re really giving this to me?” Yaeger asked as she received the gloves. She was not too worried about the lack of equipment in the early stages of the game. That’s because there are a lot of rare equipment in the newbie village. And she knew all the conditions to get them.

However, since Rakshasa had taken her time to give her the equipment, it would sour their relationship if she didn’t accept it.

Mhm! Rakshasa nodded strongly.
“Thank you, I will make good use of it.” Yaeger revealed a devastatingly beautiful smile that almost made Rakshasa to be infatuated with her.

Princess has such a beautiful smile!

Rakshasa thought that this kind of smile was out of this world, that it was something that came from the Heavens above.

The corner of Yaeger’s mouth twitched slightly. Was she really so beautiful that even girls couldn’t think straight anymore when looking at her?

In fact, that was the case. Yaeger originally looked beautiful to begin with, and now that 2,500 Charm stat was added on top of the equation, it made her every action to appeal to both genders.

Yaeger shifted her sight to the gloves to inspect it. The item information soon came into her view.

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【Toxic Gloves】

Type: Gloves Grade: Blue
Attribute: None Defense: 20
Agility: +10 Endurance: +5
Attack Speed: +15%
Level Restriction: 7
Special Effect: Your attacks have a 20% chance to inflict poison. Reduce 15 HP every second, lasts for 30 seconds.
Description: This is one of the equipment created by Master Smith Rorona. You can receive an incredible boost by gathering the entire set.

Yaeger was very satisfied with the item stats. This could be considered one of the top quality equipment from the newbie village. And more importantly, this pair of gloves was very suitable for her.

She could use it up to Level 23 with no problem.

After she put away the gloves into the item box, Yaeger looked toward Rakshasa and found her looking fondly at the Gale Sword. She had a fascinating smile on her face as she gazed upon it.

It was just a Blue Equipment, was there a need to get that happy?2

She’s such an easy child.

What Yaeger didn’t know was that, Rakshasa was so happy because that equipment was a gift from her, so it carried a special meaning.

This was a gift from a friend, a symbol of their friendship.

Seeing Rakshasa in such a cheerful mood, Yaeger also smiled. For the items she gifted to be so well-received, she naturally felt quite good about it.

Can this also be considered mutual benefits?3

She extended her hands and gently patted Rakshasa’s head.4 Her blond hair was very soft, it felt very comfortable to the touch.

At first, Rakshasa was surprised, but soon after, she blushed and her heart started thumping rapidly.
It wasn’t as though she had never been patted in the past, but she had never been this excited and embarrassed before. She could even feel a slight itch in her heart.

It wasn’t a bad feeling, but she had no idea what it was.

Seeing that Rakshasa didn’t get displeased, Yaeger felt relieved. Suddenly patting someone like this could be seen as a very rude action.
It was extremely easy to incur the other party’s wrath like this. After all, not everyone liked to be patted on the head by others, especially not from a stranger.

To do something like that when the involved parties weren’t even that close could end up offending the other person.

Fortunately, it seems like this little girl has quite a good impression of me
While thinking that, Yaeger slowly withdrew her hand.

Rakshasa felt a little reluctant to part with that comfy feeling.
How I hoped Princess would continue patting for a while longer…

“Let’s go,” Upon noticing the time at the bottom of her vision, Yaeger’s expression changed immediately. It had already been an hour since they started the time, there’s no time to waste!

Rakshasa nodded lightly and they left the village together. What appeared before them was a vast field.

“Arwooooooooooo!” Then, without any notice, they were targeted by a dozen or more green-furred Wind Wolves. The biggest one among them raised its head and let out a mighty howl.

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“Prepare for combat!” shouted Yaeger as she nocked her newbie bow. With a look of excitement plastered across her face, she faced the pack of Wind Wolves.

It’s been three years since I’ve seen these cute little doggies!


  1. Silva: Narcissist much?
  2. Silva: You don’t get it do you?
  3. Hydra: No its foreplay
  4. Hydra: How lood unprotected pats in public

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