Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 11

Here is the glorious Chapter 11 of the Transcendent! Translated by yours truly, the one and only Silva~!!! I’ve changed a few terms from this chapter onward, more specifically, Immortal to Celestial, Mission to Quest, and I’m contemplating whether I should also change “Occupation” to “Job” since that is more commonly used in a game setting.

Also, please remember that we also have a beautiful Schedule page on Re:Library that people don’t seem to realize existing. There is even a beautiful time converter embedded on the page for all your convenience, so please do use it and stop asking me for the release date, etc.

Each time a person asked, I will delay EVERYTHING on Re:Library for one day and I’ll even name the person who asked so he can become the center of everyone’s hatred. I’m looking at you Gil, one more time and you’re toasted *death stare*

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