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Chapter 11 – I become a Celestial in Fantasy World

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1611 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1081 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

With three years of gaming experience backing him up, Yaeger could be said to be rather experienced. However, she had never heard of a game character leveling up automatically.

Of course, there was the possibility that she was ignorant and ill-informed.
Opening up the Character Info, Yaeger looked at the experience points. And indeed, there were 100 points in the EXP bar.

“What is going on?” Automatic leveling was too far-fetched of an idea, Yaeger wouldn’t believe that to be the case so easily.

However, something shocking happened in the very next second.
The experience points on the EXP bar actually increased again!
Although it only increased a little, the shock Yaeger received was great.

“It really is increasing by itself!” Yaeger was obviously not doing anything, but the experience point was slowly increasing. This was just the same as AFK grinding.1

If Yaeger didn’t know that it was impossible to use cheating engines in this game, she would have actually thought that she was cheating in an online game.

(I did not cheat!)

This strange phenomenon caused Yaeger to feel shocked and scared.
Who knew if there was any trap attached to the auto-leveling.
The unknown always made people fearful.
Opening up the user panel, Yaeger scrolled up and down to look through everything.
After a while, she finally found the cause.

“So it was because of this skill,” heaving a sigh of relief, Yaeger looked at the 【Automatic Energy Absorption】 skill.

This was the passive skill of 【Devourer】 that remained permanently active.
The skill was blinking, which indicated that it was currently active.
Looking at the EXP bar one more time, Yaeger noticed that the experience points had increased yet again.
Now she could be certain, this skill was the cause of her sudden level up.

“So the absorbed energy is actually converted into experience points, isn’t this skill too broken? It feels as though I am really devouring the energy!”

Yaeger muttered to herself with eyes brimming with excitement.
However, that excitement vanished just as quickly.

“The experience points needed to level up now isn’t much right now, so this skill may seem broken for a bit. But when I become higher level, it is practically useless at this rate of absorption.”

Yaeger shook her head in disappointment. What she thought was a heaven-defying skill, was actually something of little to no value when put on a bigger scale.

“At least it would be useful in the newbie village, so it’s not totally useless.” The maximum limit for the newbie village was level 10. So once a player has reached that level, they could leave this place and enter the Linhnan main server.

Cathay had thirteen main servers altogether, and Linhnan was one of them.
Since every newbie village area could only hold a limited number of players at one time, every server had a large number of newbie village areas.
Before the players were allowed into the main server, they needed to spend a few days in the newbie village area.

“How great would it be if this skill can level up,” Yaeger laughed at her own idea and casually closed the user panel.

It was already quite lucky for a newbie to get such a good skill, asking for anything more was just too greedy.

Moreover, she didn’t even need to pay a price to get this skill to work. Whether she was eating, sleeping, or just daydreaming, this skill would continue to accumulate experience for her. It was no different from AFK grinding.

Yaeger pulled up the Quest List again and selected a three-star Black Iron rank quest. The quest info was as listed:

The town is attacked by a pack of Wind Wolves. Brave adventurers, please contribute your strength to eliminate them!

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This mission is issued by the village chief.

Simple requirements: Eliminate 10 Wind Wolves
Reward: 1 gold
Quest recommendation: It is recommended to form a party. The attack power of a single wolf is not that high, but they often hunt in groups, increasing the danger level.

Yaeger accepted the quest and left.
She didn’t bother to try to form a party. Oh, that’s not right, even if she wanted to form one, there was no one else around.

However, just at this time, a blond-haired beauty suddenly walked into the Adventurer Guild. Their eyes met and Yaeger’s pupils immediately constricted.
The blond-haired beauty was more or less about eighteen years of age. She had a slender figure and the blonde hair that spread out behind her looked like a golden stream.
Her green eyes reminded one of a vast prairie, her nose that was slightly higher than the Eastern people gave her an austere aura. Her cherry-colored lips shone with a faint gloss that involuntarily aroused the feeling of longer from its beholder.

With all of these combined, it was a beautiful face without a speck of doubt. It had combined the best aspects of both the Easterner and Westerner.
That’s right, this girl was a person of mixed blood.
And it was someone Yaeger knew.
Correction, someone she knew from her past life.

This girl was no ordinary person. Since the start of the game until the end, she was the top 5 players.
The strongest War Goddess of Cathay, 【Rakshasa】!

Previously, she was an existence Yaeger looked up to.
But now, she wasn’t as assertive as the Rakshasa Yaeger had come to know. She was like a little girl who just left the mountain village and arrived in a big city for the first time. She was brimming with curiosity and even appeared somewhat timid.

The two stared at each other for no more than ten seconds before Rakshasa blushed and lowered her head in agitation.
Yaeger was stupefied. She could never have imagined that the Ashura-like Rakshasa would have such a girly side.

What was even more unexpected was that there were more than a hundred newbie villages in the Linhnan server, but the two of them actually ended up in the same village!

It should be mentioned that a player couldn’t choose the starting village by themselves, it was all automatically allocated by the system. So this could be said to be a fated encounter.

Yaeger decided to prolong her stay as this was her best opportunity to get acquainted with Rakshasa.

If I can somehow hook her up… ah… ptui, ptui, ptui! I’m not that kind of unfaithful guy!
Moreover, I’m also a girl now!


  1. If you don’t understand this term, you gotta play more game man

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