Not Sure, Another World Chapter 45

Well, the Fate Grand Order event rerun is ongoing, so I’ve been farming that, slowly, painfully and arduously.
Seriously this event was really poorly balanced the first time they ran it but it hasn’t improved at all.
I guess that should be expected a bit from the first event the game ever had though. I actually quit the game at first because of this event, only returning to play when the Garden of Order event released (which ironically had its own rerun just a few weeks ago!)

Now, I’m actually scheduling these chapters a mere 1 hour before they go public! So I need to hurry up or else Silva will notice!
Oh and I’ve got to get up early tomorrow, so I should schedule Demon Sword Maiden a little earlier too so I can get some sleep properly tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Not Sure, Another World Chapter 45”

  1. I just started playing FGO myself. I didn’t have too much trouble with the Saber Wars event…. well except for the freaking lenses (I HATE TESLA XD) I’m almost at the 2 million point mark. Just trying to get lenses for the mats now. (don’t really care about the pieces but i’ll take those too). I used Saber (Alter) to force my way through. (though admittedly a couple of areas I had to use the 3 command revive) I do admit though I got extremely lucky with the free quartz pulls I earned (got both Mysterious Heroine and Saber Alter from the draws. Had to use most of the EXP items on Alter but, it was so worth the effort. I’ll be glad when the event is over though so I can start working on leveling some of my other Servants.

    1. Farming events like this are too time consuming and I lose interest really quickly, I got up to what I needed to NP5 Saber Lily (including my copies from the original event and the freebie Lily I got for signing up) and then stopped with the intention of doing it later and then never did it later.
      I barely touched the shop. Missing out on the Golden Fou’s is gonna hurt but meh, I can cover those in future events.

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