Chapter 45 – Delicious Food Is the Devil’s Work.

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1014 words

 Good evening, this is Ren. I woke up from my nap at dinnertime without oversleeping. Although I only slept for a bit, I felt a lot more refreshed. Plus I’m hungry!

 Let’s move to the dining hall then~ Ah, right let’s put the hood back on.
 But when I arrived at the dining hall and looked around, it was full. Very full. Ah, but there was one vacant seat. It looks like Lily saved a seat for me. She was waving with a big smile on her face, how cute.

 I walked up to Lily and gave a slight bow.

“Good evening, Lily.”
“Good evening, Ren.”
“Good evening!”

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 Eh, who?

“Ah, this child is Alisa. She also works here and her break time is the same as mine. So, I also invited her to join us…….was it perhaps troublesome?”
“No, I’m fine with that. Especially since Lily invited her.”
“Ah, yes. There won’t be any problems. She is a good child.”
“Hey, what are you two whispering about?”
“No, we’re not talking about anything.”
“That’s right, Alisa.”

 I suppose she seems like an obedient child? The girl had light black twin-tails. Her height was quite short and her chest was moderate. I guess she looked like the cute type? She also had a slow manner of speech and looked quite spirited.

“Anyways, should we start eating now?”
“Um, what are we having for today?”

 This inn usually prepared about two or three types of dishes, and customers would choose and eat what they liked. Although, it was basically just different types of soups, and slightly different salads, and such.

“Since there’s been an increase of customers due to the recipes that you made, the stuff being made is…….”

 So there was only that. What to say. That oil-drenched orc meat and…….what was it called again? Well, never mind.
 In any case, it was troublesome that there was only that. I ended up being forced to go to the restroom multiple times during the night because of that. I didn’t want to deal with that again.

“Um, is there anything else?”
“There is one other thing. That one was also made by Ren.”

 Huh? What would that be? It couldn’t possibly be the udon…….

“So there’s something else? But I don’t remember making anything else?”
“But you did? Don’t you remember? It’s the Sausage in Between Bread?”
“Sausage in betw-…….oh hotdogs.”
“So it’s called a hot dog?”

 Apparently, hot dogs didn’t exist in this world. There were sandwiches that had stuff like ham and such in between sliced bread. But the concept of just cutting open bread and stuffing things inside didn’t really exist. But with things like sandwiches in existence, you would think that someone would’ve also come up with something like that.

“I’ll go get it.”
“I’ll go with you too!”

 So they left to go get it and soon returned back. They also brought one for me. Thanks.

“This is good, but since it’s so simple to make, it seems several other places have also started making it.”
“Since it’s just sandwiching things inside~.”
“Ah……but this isn’t actually it’s completed state.”
“Yes, it’s supposed to also have this and this. After adding these two sauces then it’s done.”

 I began explaining while taking out the mustard and ketchup from Storage.
I completed these two when I was in the village in the south.
 Ketchup can basically be made using tomatoes and a few other seasonings, but for mustard, there are numerous other ingredients that made it more difficult to make.

 Since there wasn’t any apple vinegar, I was thinking about using wine vinegar as a replacement, but my timing was bad. When I went to buy it, there wasn’t any vinegar left in stock.
 As for the tumeric…….I bought it from a peddler in the south village who was about to give up on selling it since he couldn’t find anyone who wanted to buy it.
 Since I already knew that many spices and herbs were apparently treated as medicinal herbs, I had suggested to him that it would be better to visit stores and merchants who sold medicine.

“Like this……and we’re done.”
“So this is the true form…….”

 They were overreacting a bit.

“Please enjoy it then?”
“I-In that case.”
“Here I go.”

 I also started eating, nom nom. Yep, this combination of saltiness and umami was the best. Or, actually, there were other great tasting things too.
 I looked over at the other two and they had an expression of bliss on their faces. The two of them were gushing from the taste. To be honest, that kind of expression probably isn’t really appropriate for a young girl in public.

“What is this……”

 In this world, there weren’t that many seasonings or sauces. So it couldn’t be helped that it was like this. Or perhaps it just didn’t exist in commoner cuisine, but it might exist in noble cuisine? Hmm, I would like to try eating it.

“Would you like some more?”
“Yes, please!”
“Me too!”

 Hahaha, so you two really did want more.

 For me, I was full after eating one and having some soup and salad. But those two ended up eating three times as much as me.
 The gazes around me were also so painful that I hurriedly put away the ketchup and mustard. Some people looked like they wanted to steal it.


 The two of them were still entrenched in bliss, and sure enough, the surrounding people were trying to talk to me, so I quickly made my escape.

“Well then, I’ll be heading back to my room.”
“Good night…….”

“Ah, wait a minute……”

 It looks like a person nearby called out to me, but I pretended not to notice. I’m sorry for the trouble. Bye-bye.

 Afterward, I went to bed after taking a bath. I wonder if there will be an uproar tomorrow? I was very sleepy but I still couldn’t help worrying about it. Good night~


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  1. Seems Ren is getting some girls, winning them over with food. This illegal Onee-chan is starting a harem quite early, while running away from annoying old men who want to steal some cooking recipes, or worse.
    Thanks for the second chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Starting to get a lil disappointed in the series… lot of filler with no real direction. Very wishy washy and no the food ****…. ugh cliche. Im hoping it get back on track.

    1. This is a slice of life novel, you know?. random fluffy filler is the standard. If you want a super serious high level plot then you’re reading the wrong novel.

  3. The three girls sit around the table eating sausages as the whole Inn looks on in jealousy… Something’s scetchy about that.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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