Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 137

Story for the archives today!
I was fighting the Ether Drake in Stellaris, and when you defeat it you get a Dragonslayer leader trait for one of your Admirals. But it’s not actually scripted to give it to only Admirals.
So the science ship I had sent in first, then told to hide on the other side of the system, had technically initiated combat with the Ether Drake as my main fleet arrived to kill it.

Because the first fleet in combat was technically my science ship, which is technically occupied by a leader, the Dragonslayer trait went to my Scientist instead of the Admiral of the main fleet.
Yes that’s right, my empire had the glorious Scientist Monval ka Pinnate! Dragonslayer!

Too bad he died of old age, had he been one of my Synths then he’d be immortal – literally.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 40 «

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