Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 136

Lately I’ve been listening to this song called Edelweiss on loop.
Edelweiss is actually a word I really like, it’s a type of flower apparently, but it means Noble White.
I use it a lot in my fiction as the names of flagships or prototype weapons. I might have mentioned this before.
But this song is quite nice, apparently the anime it’s from is really bland but I found it in an amazing Index novel MAD.

New topic: Have you ever wondered about what sort of anime world you would like to visit?
I always find the answers amusing because pretty much every anime world is either really not that interesting (Like K-On or whatever) or has some seriously seriously messed up realities (Like pretty much every action anime ever).
Even the seemingly good ones have some surprising flaws.
Of course this discussion is predicated on you getting transported over with just what you have on you.
Log Horizon’s setting is probably the safest bet.

Personally I would have liked to say “To Aru!” gimme that Raildex! I wanna become an esper!
But Academy City is seriously messed up! Plus you have to pay tuition to become an esper at Academy City! As an isekai person I can’t afford that!
Worst case scenario I become a Child Error and used for some horrific experiment!
And there’s an upper age limit on when Esper development can start! Even the oldest espers are only highschoolers! I’m in my 20’s!
I’d have to become a magician instead…but then I’d probably be hunted for violating the Magic-Science Treaty.

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