[Votes] Transcendent or Saintess

To ensure that the vote is carried out fair and square, please give both novels a try first and see which one you like more. This voting session will have a huge impact on these two series moving forward. The one who comes out on top will receive the favor of the translator and receive a steady update, while the loser will probably be dropped or receives a slow update depending on the translator’s circumstances.

Will it be Reborn as a Transcendent or How can the Saintess be a Boy!?, cast your vote below!

Transcendent or Saintess

Reborn as a Transcendent
How can the Saintess be a Boy!?
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20 thoughts on “[Votes] Transcendent or Saintess”

  1. Being the now responsible party, these are my recollections on Transcendent. I don’t remember it being too slowly paced. Then again it was a while back and on machine translation.

    That being said, the first arc is in the starter location, as they are not allowed to leave until conditions are met. She basically exploits being in a restricted environment to her best advantage. After that, some major plot points show up and it moves out into the rest of the world where there are greater threats and the MC has to balance exploitative action and safety more carefully. It’s also where events in the real world really start to pick up.

    I suspect that the first arc is primary cause of concern over pacing.

    So here’s to hopping it’s all good! (I note anxiously)

    1. Ugu, I hope that wasn’t a spoiler and ruined Silva’s motivation now…
      Is it weird that I feel like I’ve put myself on the chopping block and am personally responsible if it doesn’t do well?

      1. Well, I don’t consider that as a spoiler. And even if I did lose motivation, I won’t be the one translating it in the long run, so it’s all good 😛

        (So long as we meet our Patreon goal and I can find another translator to take over for me)

  2. It’s disappointing that saintess is going to lose. I’m not a big fan of series that will take approximately 4000 chapters to get anywhere. Mainly because your running the risk of the author themselves dropping the story. Nothing is more upsetting then being invested in a story that will forever remain incomplete. still hate the fact people seem not to understand that just because the MC was always male that it doesn’t stop it from being a genderswap if they never knew they were male.

    1. Aye… it’s truly a shame they don’t understand the greatness of traps, shame on them to call themselves true fans of gender bender if they reject traps!

      1. Personally guy in a dress is the funniest gender bender around. But it has to be done well. Not everything can be Some Like It Hot, or La Cage Aux Folles.

      2. I’m a bit late about it, anyway…
        The problem I had about saintess was the MC… the author at the start simply wrote it as a girl character and only then he said:”say what… the saintess was always a boy” (which is still good, the problem was what appended after that…) after that he took the character and overwrited it with a standard male character(like any other story… Isekai or not…) the reactions became out of character (at least for what he wrote before…)
        Obv that’s only my opinion on it…

  3. I’m worried about the pacing of Transcendent, but the MC for Saintess just feels so flat that I would rather deal with the pacing of Transcendent over that.

    1. The Main Character, the supporting characters, and the plot armor is already coming out of the locker. Which wouldn’t be bad but if I were laughing.

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