Re:Library takes over Wiseman

With the consent of the latest translator for Pupil of the Wiseman (WN), Re:Library will now be taking over the translation of this great web novel series.

And a great series like this naturally deserves to be respected in all its glories! It started going downhill ever since Saiaku Translations picked this up. Yes, Saiaku, I still remember you and I still hold a grudge over what you did to this great novel! Not only was it a poorly rendered machine translation of this great series, he even opted to use the stupid Shakespearean tone in Mira’s dialog. And the worst offender of all? He rejected my invitation to host Wiseman on Re:Library and went ahead to block out all readers with an ad link for the reason that he wanted to buy a domain of his own, the worst move any translator could ever make! Now just take a look at where did that take him? Even his site is no longer working! Hmph, serves you right!

Oops, wait a minute, this isn’t supposed to be a ranting corner. Anyway, like I said, this series has been ruined by being passed around to so many incompetent translators and to show our greatest respect for this series, we decided to rewrite this series from the ground up (with help from various editors and translators) while compiling a terms sheet for personal use.

New chapters when? Well? We don’t know about that yet, we already found a translator to continue Wiseman from where it left off, but in order to provide y’all with the best translations he can, he’s currently reading through the chapters to get to know what’s going on, while doing translation check at the side. So it might be a while before we see a new chapter.

On that topic though, we figured we might be splitting the chapters into several parts when we start publishing new chapters. While I was looking into the raw, I noticed that each chapter is averaging around 7k ~ 9k characters, that’s a helluva lots of characters to translate into English! So we thought we might as well split them into an average of 3k ~ 4k characters (the average length of most web novels) and publish them like that in order.

With all that said and done, look forward to reading the revamped Wiseman on Re:Library soon-ish!

14 thoughts on “Re:Library takes over Wiseman”

  1. I have read the LN on krytykal site last years, sadly their are no more update on it currently, I’m happy that you take it, take your time, it’s a great novel.
    I hope one day we’ll get a translation for the LN too (maybe an official translation one day, so that i can buy the book), the author has add too many new event and character in the LN, and the art is good ^^

  2. Thanks for picking this up! This one has bounced around a a lot and is reputed to be fairly difficult to translate so it’s nice to see it getting some consistent attention.

    FYI, the first two volumes of the light novel and 20 chapters of the third volume were translated by krytykal. There are some divergences, but V3 Ch 12 of the LN corresponds to Chapter 46 of the WN, and up to that that point the stories are pretty similar. (Chapters 13+ of the light novel are original.) So people unhappy with Saiaku can go there.

  3. I prostrate myself in your presence!

    Though since your claim is tall, I do expect equivalently high quality from you. This series has been to-go-to relax center of reading a genuinely good natured person enjoy their newfound life in a world that they always clearly loved.

    The manga, as many flaws as it might have does show very well just how much the mc cares for the land and it’s people. Plus thay “old person” kind of warm smile (as if he is looking at his grandchildren growing up) from there very solidly encapsulated how I imagined the mc would be like from the LN and the WN.

    Sorry, I am ranting. I am a solid fan of this series so I can’t help myself. ^_^,

  4. Thanks for taking over. I know how hard the last translator tried to keep this series going, but they just couldn’t.

    1. It comes as no surprise seeing how long each chapters are, it gets progressively harder to concentrate the longer the chapter becomes. Hence why we’re going to split each chapter into an appropriate length.

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