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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 26

Robinxen’s AWOL Journal – Entry 1:

This chapter should go live on the 13th, but accounting for timezones it’ll actually be on the afternoon of the 12th for me.
This means it’s almost been 24 hours since Miku Expo started, and slightly less than 20 hours since it ended.
I’m currently in London.

I shouldn’t need to explain who Miku is right?

I’m actually going to attend with a few of my internet friends, but I don’t really care about those. Well except the one who I owe money too…should probably care about that. Don’t want to suddenly end up in legal trouble. Hahahaha.
The tickets are VIP too, so apparently we get some goodies. Personally I care more about this than the concert. Music isn’t really my thing.

I’m a bit anxious about the whole singing along and glowstick thing.
Wait, since this will post after the concert I guess it’d be was anxious?

Just some thoughts.

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