Chapter 26 – It’s Because I Tried Being Discrete

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1243 words

Soon, I arrived at the guild. Since it was still early in the evening, there weren’t any lines for the material purchasing windows. Now I just need to figure out how much I should sell. There was a list of purchasing prices for herbs on the wall, so I decided to take a look at the list.

 The universal language used in this world was Japanese. The characters were the exact same.

 The person in charge of reincarnations sure did choose a complex language to use as the universal language……..well, it does help me though. Originally, I couldn’t read the characters. But as a result of regaining the memories of my previous life, my knowledge of the language became equivalent or perhaps even higher than nobles. So I suppose I should consider it fortunate?

 Well, enough of that.

 From a quick glance, it seems that I would earn a lot of money if I sold everything I collected today. So in other words, it would cause quite a stir if I sold that much. After some consideration, I decided to sell at least the equivalent of 5 small gold coins.

 But when I went to the window and started taking out the herbs from my bag one after another, the complexion of the guild staff and the adventurers around me changed.

“W-Wait a minute. Miss, don’t tell me you still have more?”
“Well, this is about half.”
“Only half?”

 That was actually a lie. Actually, the current amount I had out wouldn’t even be equivalent to 1/100th of everything I had. Plus, I also had other plants that I gathered too. But I wasn’t planning on selling them.

“Is there something wrong?”
“No, not at all. There’s absolutely nothing wrong…….”

 If there’s nothing wrong then good. As such, I continued on with taking the rest out.

 Wasn’t I trying not to stand out? At worst, I would just be forced to leave the inn. Plus, I wanted to buy a lot of things. I wanted to buy throwing knives for long range attacks. I was a bit uneasy with just using stones, so I thought it would be better to be prepared.

 I also wanted various cooking ingredients. I could make numerous things with flour. Such as noodles. I wanted to eat udon. And if I had buckwheat flour, I could make soba and galette. Thus, my dream grows!

 Although, it would become a bit out of hand if it grew into a delusion. The total amount I received was 10 small gold coins and one gold coin.

 The people around me were pale, but I ignored them.

“Miss, did you find an untouched area or something?”
“It’s a secret.”

 I actually already took everything in the area.
 It was a bit early, but I decided to head back to the inn for today.

 I quickly left the guild before I could get entangled in anything strange. I used my Detection skill and found several people trying to tail me, but I used Stealth to escape and manage to safely arrive back at the inn.

 I presented the wooden tag I received this morning when I paid for additional days, which showed proof that I was a consecutive customer, and then returned back to my room.

 Yesterday, I had taken a bath after dinner, so the bath was really crowded. If I used shampoo, I would stand out again, so I should go to the bath first today.

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 Therefore, let’s go to the bath now!

 I noticed it in the dressing room yesterday, but most of the other female customers wore drawers.

 Some had leggings, or something like spats……and the top was wrapped in cloth, or a camisole. If it was an adventurer-like person, they wore something akin to a sports bra, but even so…….it wasn’t sexy enough.

 Essentially, I mean that the type of underwear I was wearing stood out a lot. No one else was wearing anything similar to it. Rather, did garter belts even exist in this world?

 No, wait, although this is a fairly high-class inn, the people staying here are ordinary people. So a noble! If it’s a noble, they would surely have it!1

 As such, I enjoyed a nice, slow bath today while thinking about trivial matters.

 After playing around with Creation Magic in my room for a while, I went down to the dining room once it was dinnertime. Naturally, I had my hood on. So I looked really suspicious. I wonder what’s for dinner tonight?

 ……Today’s dinner was bread, sausages, a salad, and soup. Isn’t this the same as yesterday?! Are they slacking off?! No, wait, the soup is different from before.

 It’s delicious looking and all. But I wanted something different…… I thought for a bit while looking at the food in front of me and an idea struck me.

 I called the waitress and asked her to bring me a knife.

“Um, can I ask what you need it for?”

 Well, just wanted to try something. I sliced the bread vertically, then slightly opened it and stuffed the salad inside. Finally, I added the sausage inside and was finished. A simple hotdog. Although, I wished I had ketchup and mustard. But I didn’t unfortunately.

 The waitress who was watching me had a surprised expression on her face. After a while, she regained herself and ran into the kitchen.

 What was she so surprised about? Well, whatever.

 I ignored what just happened and resumed eating. Yep, it’s quite easy to eat. I drank the soup while eating and was soon finished with the meal. Thank you for the meal.

 A person who appeared to be the cook came out of the kitchen as I was leaving and stared at me. No, really what is it?

 Anyways, let’s just go to bed for today. But let’s check something before that.

 I gave a slight knock on the bedroom walls. Hmm, it seems a bit thin? Hm? What am I doing? My daily routine of course. I was checking the walls for that. But the inn’s walls were a bit too thin.

 ……I guess it can’t he helped, I’ll have to refrain. Haahhh…..

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 I woke up on time next morning. Although, I wasn’t really sure of the exact time. Should I make a watch later?

 While thinking about such things, I prepared myself and headed towards the dining room.

 Breakfast~ Breakfast~ Time to eat breakfast~ …….Today’s breakfast was a hotdog.


 Well, I guess it’s alright for breakfast since it’ll be easy to eat. But I just ate this yesterday…… no, never mind. With expectations for dinner tonight, I head off towards the guild.

 I was a bit hot since I was walking at a rapid pace, some newcomers might take the second day off after finishing a request, but I was planning on going to the forest to gather more herbs.

 In the long term, continuing to live at the inn would be too expensive. As such, I might have to consider renting a house.

 Eh? What about the house I already have? Well, it would stand out a lot if I just rented an empty plot of land and the next day a house suddenly appears. Should I gradually build it instead?

 Well, no matter, it’s still too early to talk about that now. As such, I have to work hard today too.

 Although, I’m only just gathering herbs….


  1. Silva: Heh, our forest girl doesn’t have the common sense of the new world.

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