Female Knight & Dark Elf – Chapter 50

It was Christmas, so some friends and I looked for old cartoons celebrating it.
Did you know there’s a He-mana and She-ra Christmas Special?

Silva’s dropping in with a bombastic announcement:
We are dropping Female Knight & Dark Elf!

Yes, we are dropping it, but not so soon. Before we go into that, however, I’ll explain why we are dropping it. First, we don’t get nearly as many views as we’d hoped for. Meaning, it doesn’t generate enough revenues. Second, not enough support on Patreon so I am basically still paying for the translation of this project from my own pocket. Along with the lack of views, this is basically a deficit.

And that’s why, we’re dropping Female Knight & Dark Elf for another Gender Bender project, but since we still have a few rare Patrons that supported Knight & Elf, I’ve asked for their opinion and we’ve all come to agree that we should pick up a new series indeed. There are some, however, who still wished to see the continuation of Female Knight & Dark Elf, so I made a compromise. We will continue to translate Female Knight & Dark Elf until chapter 100 before picking up the new series, and after that, I will have the translator focus on the new series while providing at least 1~3 chapters of Knight & Elf monthly based on his availability.

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