Re:Library Hit by Invalid Traffic! (Again!)

It had been a great 2019, but everything must come to an eventual end. If worse has come to worst, expect Re:Library to be terminated by Aug 2021 since that’s how long we purchased this hosting plan for. It is very unfortunate, but we have been reported by our advertising partner that our site has hit a high threshold of non-human traffic, again!

So what does that mean to you? To us? And to our publishers? It means that we won’t be able to get a source of ad revenues anymore from our current ad network until we get this issue resolved, and no source of revenues means we can’t pay our publishers or freelance translators for their hard work, we also won’t be able to continue paying for our hosting plan, and that means termination of Re:Library for when our plan ends.

What is invalid traffic you ask? How do we resolve it? Invalid traffic or non-human traffic is basically what we refer to bot traffic. There are good bots like our neighborhood friendly Spiderman Google Crawler which crawls our site and index them on the search page. But there are also malicious bots that come to our site to scrape or steal our content, or bots that tried to brute force log-in to steal our user credentials.

In short, our site has too many bots visiting us and that’s hurting our site, not only in terms of our content being stolen but also our ads earning. While we’re not really too concerned about losing some traffic to the aggregator sites, but having been removed from our monetization scheme due to those very aggregator sites is doing more harm than good.

Which is why, we will now be implementing some content scraping/non-human/bots countermeasure. we are not sure what specifically we will need to do, though we will try not to inconvenience the visitors as much as possible. If something goes wrong with the testing, expect the site to be down for a short maintenance.

14 thoughts on “Re:Library Hit by Invalid Traffic! (Again!)”

  1. Find a way so that people have to have a valid email and account and log in. It sucks but you could do what some sites are doing with the fake currency thing like check in gets i dunno 5 or 10 ( any amount )pass’s which lets you read 5 a day it might slow down traffic in the long term but it will get rid of a lot of bots maybe and maybe a dollar a month gets you like 20 or 30 pass’s a day. If you own the material or rights to publish you could file to get the content removed or get the big boys involved.

  2. CAPTCHA is a good way to go for it. If you really want to make the bot farming just rough on whoever is doing it make a CAPTCHA and then make it so you need an account to login that’s just a simple email account with account verification to actually enter the site or else be stuck on the main page. Reading online also discusses that Google Analytics is useful to deal with this issue I hope you the best of luck on this!

    1. That’s kind of what my friend suggested, to implement a CAPTCHA test to filter out the bot and serve no ads to them.
      The only problem is, I’m not exactly a techie myself so I’m not so sure how to go about that. Probably will have to hire a programmer to help me implement those functions. We’ll see…

  3. Really a red alert news..!!!
    Hopefully you guys can make this site last through this~!!!!
    Ever thought of making the text not capable of being copied? or making it an image?
    Anyway, I love many of the series here and the site, so hopefully all goes well..!!!

    1. That’s also kind of what my ad provider suggested but I don’t want to inconvenient the visitors too much with that. And though it might be able to put off some of the more common bots, there are still many ways to bypass those restrictions. Over the past few years, I’ve seen many site owner implement all sorts of methods to fight against the content scraper, but all of them failed. It might work for a while, but the scraper will eventually find a workaround and get past the restrictions.

      In the end of the day, we’d only have wasted our time and hurt our real visitors.

      1. Is it really that inconvenient? And even if it’s just the common bots, pretty sure that will still be a quantity of them, I’m not saying to solve the issue entirely since I know what you’ve said but it will be much better to decrease those bots, right? since the large number of them is the problem.

  4. Sad news… i hope this site survive… i really like “Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation”, “levelmaker”, “Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter” and “Life with a Tail”.
    keep in mind that i use brave browser, so i generally will be registered as a bot, even if i shut down the shields. Same thing can happen with other people that use ad-blockers… i mean, if the AD publisher is bad, even if we the user deactivate the ad blocker in your site (like me), the publishers will be seeing us as bots… sad.
    U should change the ad company if possible…
    As for the web… just change it to a free domain and free hosting. Under 20.000 daily visit rate, most free hosting should be ok. That way the web cost will be lowered with almost no detriment

    1. if the AD publisher is bad

      Ezoic is actually one of the better choice for smaller sites like ours.

      U should change the ad company if possible…

      That might be fine for a short term solution, but since we already have past history of invalid traffic and got terminated by our ads provider on the spot, having this happen a second time doesn’t really do well for our reputation. More ad publisher will probably not be so keen to accept us anymore knowing we have lots of bot traffic on our site.

      just change it to a free domain and free hosting

      Continuing to host on a free wordpress plan is a viable option, but it also mean a major site re-modification and no more light/dark mode since we won’t have as much freedom on site alteration anymore.

  5. Damn….. why do people have to be such Aholes?! Is it that hard to makes a decent and LAWFUL earning without stealing other people money? I mean for real it because of sick degenerate that good people like Silva and others at Re:library have to go through these troubles! But Silva and co just do what you have to do and let’s all hope for the best!😀

    1. Scrapers will be scraper, if there are easy money to earn out there, they will never stop doing what they do best, stealing content and pass it off as their own. The only real way to stop them is to give them no reason to steal, but with billions of people out there and probably more than 50% of the people who don’t know that they’re actually supporting a content thief and is hurting the real content provider, they will probably never truly ever be culled.

      What you can only do is to raise awareness.

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