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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 23

Hello folks! I hope you’re all winding down after Christmas and you’re not as stressed as you were like last week!
It’s actually the opposite for me, post-Christmas organisation is more effort than pre-Christmas prep.

Now enough of my rambling, I’m going to skip the anime weekly roundup too because there’s something serious we need to discuss.
Starting next week Not Sure, Another World is going to get a second chapter per week!
My current posting schedule is pretty simple.
Another World on Monday and Demon Sword Maiden on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The problem is fitting the second Another World chapter!

The first option is having it on Monday as well.
The second option is moving the chapters around. (Such as having Another World on Monday and Wednesday, and Demon Sword Maiden on Tuesday and Thursday.)
The third option is using an unused day.

Keep in mind that I’m purely talking about the posts I have to schedule. I’m fully aware that other people post on the other days too.

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