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Chapter 23 – No Mercy!

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1581 words

 Although there were various problems, we finally arrived at the town of Harula. It was nice that we were able to arrive before sunset. Harula was a large town surrounded by walls. For the time being, I was planning to live here. But I haven’t decided on how long.

 We weren’t able to immediately enter the town.

 In this world. there were various restrictions for entering a town.

 First, you need a citizen card in order to enter a town. I believe there was some other official name for the card, but I wasn’t sure what it was called.

 The family register system in this world was surprisingly well managed. As soon as a person was born, a birth report would be submitted to the government office and the newborn’s magic pattern would be registered. After the registration was completed, a citizen card would be issued. The name, date of birth, and birthplace of the owner was written on this card, and the owner’s magic pattern would also be registered on the card. As such, this made it impossible to use another person’s card. Even counterfeit cards would be discovered immediately.

 So when a person enters a town, they would need to present this card and it would be held over a special magic tool. At the same time, the owner would also hold their hand over another magic tool. The magic tools would confirm the person’s identity and any criminal records. The magic technology was quite amazing.

 Additionally, if a person had a criminal record, they wouldn’t be able to enter the town if the crime was very serious.

 ……It seems that I didn’t have this card with me when I was abandoned at the orphanage. Furthermore, somehow my magic pattern had never been registered before. As such, I really didn’t know where I was born.

 But I did currently have the card which was issued to me after I was taken in by the orphanage.

 The annoying system was put in place as a means to stabilize tax revenues, and some great person in the past also decided it would work as crime prevention system too.

 But towns and villages that didn’t have the crime prevention system in place were also actually quite safe.

 Since bandits would only be able to use the money they stole from travelers in places where the crime prevention system was lacking, these sort of places were generally safe from attacks. The world was complicated in various ways……

 That aside! After clearing the admission check I would finally be able to enter the town……it should’ve been easy, but as expected we were stopped. The reason was simple.

 Norn and Bell.

 I wasn’t an adventurer, so I couldn’t enter the town as a tamer. Essentially, the guards were afraid that I couldn’t keep Norn under control and there could be danger.

 Furthermore, I also didn’t want to take off my hood. I didn’t have any criminal record, so it wasn’t like it mattered anyways.

 As I was wondering over what to do, Nicole spoke up and defended me. He said the wolves were obedient to me and were very mature.

 I agree, these two were very smart. Speaking of which, we were close enough now that I’m allowed to fluff their fur! Super cute!

 But I had to pay a fee to bring Norn and Bell into the town. 2 silver coins for each of them. Since I wasn’t an adventurer. Quite strict, right? Since this was the case, I should register as an adventurer as quick as possible. Otherwise, it would be troublesome in many ways.

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 Thus, we were finally able to enter the town, but we headed straight towards the guild. Since I had a promise to keep with Nicole. And because I wanted to register as an adventurer. We continued on through the town in the carriage. Norn and Bell were now riding with us.

 After traveling a bit of distance from the gate, we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild. It seemed conveniency had been taken into account for the guild’s location. Likewise, the Merchant’s Guild was located near the center of the town. While talking, I walked into the guild alongside Nicole. But upon entering we gathered quite a bit of attention.

“What’s that? There’s a huge wolf with them.”

“An adventurer from a different town?”

“Is she escorting the merchant?”

“A tamer? But isn’t she rather small?”

 Ah, so it’s because of Norn and me.

 If I had come alone, I wonder if it would have proceeded down the cliche path, I followed Nicole to one of the receptionist windows while deep in thought. Apparently, we could use any of the receptionist windows to state our business unless it was for transaction related matters. There were two receptionist windows for conducting transactions located at the end of the reception area. And depending on the time of the day, it could get very crowded. Let’s be careful.

 While I was looking around the guild, Nicole reported the incident and was now waiting for a response. The receptionist was checking through the records behind the window. This was considered a serious crime for adventurers that worked for the guild. In a case like this, it was possible the two might be trying to make a run for a different town.

 After a while, a man called the guild master came out. He was a strict-looking middle-aged man. And judging from his appearance, he looked like a muscle-head. But if he’s the head of an organization, then I assume contrary to his appearance, he probably isn’t actually a muscle-head……?

 Afterwards, we followed the man and began explaining what had happened to him. But I basically remained silent during the talks. Although, I was one of the involved members, I wasn’t the client and I was just here as a witness. Technically speaking, I was actually a victim, but I’ll just leave that aside for now. While listening to the conversation, the topic turned to me acting as the witness.

“Hmm, alright, I understand the situation now. I have no doubts regarding your testimonies. Those two people have numerous past issues regarding their behaviors. But……even if you tell me that this little miss managed to defeat six orcs on her own……if you had said her wolves had defeated them, I would have believed it more.”

 Right, of course~

 I currently had my hood down and was showing my face. I can read the atmosphere after all. We are currently in an office with no other people around, and we were speaking with a person in a high position. As such, it was fine.

 Elsa had returned home with Lloyd in the carriage. So the only ones here were the guild master, one guild staff member, Nicole, and me.

“Would you like me to take out the defeated orcs?”

“You have the item box skill? Do you perhaps have all six of them with you?”

“No, I have a magic storage item with me.”

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 Magic storage items. They were magic items such as the item bag or magic bag. Like the name implies, bags and such that had the “Item Box” effect on them were called as such. Furthermore, there were quite a lot of people who had them. However, these sort of items didn’t have large storage capacities. Nicole had noticed that I didn’t want to stand out too much, so he had recommended this idea. That I pretend I had a magic storage item with me.

“……That’s quite a large storage capacity. I see……I’ll confirm it later then. If possible, it would be helpful if you could sell them to the guild.”


 It seems I was successful in deceiving him.

 After we finished this exchange, another staff member entered the room and reported to the guild master. It seems the two escorts have been caught. We were told we could meet with them, but Nicole decided on just having the guild handle them. Even if we met them it would just be unpleasant as they’ll likely just shout bad things at us. In that case, not meeting with them would make things easier.

 After finishing up with the report, I was taken to the warehouse to confirm and sell the orcs. Nicole also came along with me. Naturally, when I left the room, I put my hood on again. I felt more at ease that way.

 We arrived at the warehouse and I placed the orcs in the designated area. All six.

“There really is six……but what happened? Their heads are all gone. And these ones all have really clean cuts on their necks……Miss, what did you do to them…..?”

“That’s a secret.”

“Well, I guess you have a point. Adventurers shouldn’t reveal their hand so easily. But strong people who can defeat orc are most welcomed. I have expectations for you.”

“Ah, about that.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m actually not an adventurer.”


“That’s why, I would like to register as an adventurer.”

“No, no, no, wait a minute. You’re not an adventurer, but you can still do all this? I’m confused.”

“Well. even if you say that……ah, right, I’m also only eleven, so I can’t take on subjugation quests.” So it’ll be a bit troublesome if you have too high of expectations for me.”


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 Everyone was surprised when I said I was eleven. To be honest, it kinda hurts. How old did I look? Did I perhaps look really old?


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