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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 16

Hello folks, normally I’d do my weekly anime roundup here but two things take priority.

The first is that Azur Lane’s finale has been delayed a few months so they can reanimate the series. It’ll begin rebroadcasting with updated visuals starting January. This is a little depressing given the cliffhanger, but I will get to see Unicorn in all her cuteness with potentially even cuter animation!

The second is that my waifu got announced! I will finally be able to throw myself at the gacha to get my one true love! By the time this publishes she should be nearing release. (Technically they’re set to release on the same day but on opposite sides of the world…timezones suck.)
As a result I’m telling you all to go join the discord so that I can ping you all when I do my livestream attempt at summoning Ereshkigal!
I have almost 1000 quartz saved up for her, and some emergency funds should I fail to get her.
The aim is NP3!

Pardon the shameless advertising.
At least I didn’t tell you go donate to me here so that I can spend more money on trying to get my waifu.

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