Chapter 16 – Life of Withdrawal and Afterwards

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1295 words

 It soon reached December.

 There haven’t been any troublesome visitors since then. It also started snowing. I sometimes go out gathering on days where it doesn’t snow, but most of the time I just stay indoors. At home, I usually just spend time making potions or iron. I had a large supply of iron sand since I had collected it at the river before winter started. If I could turn it into wrought iron then it would make a great weapon material, but it would take quite a bit of time to do. But I didn’t need to rush to finish it during winter so I could take my time. I still haven’t made a longsword yet. But I did make many knives. And a kitchen knife. It’s necessary for cooking!

 After accumulating enough wrought iron, I tried to make a katana again but I fainted. I planned to make the blade length around that of a short sword…..but neither my skill level or MP were high enough. The requirements were likely high since an advance level of blacksmithing was needed.

 Since I’ve been staying indoors, as expected, well……the amount of time spent on the daily routine has increased. And, well, that’s why I think I really will reach LV6 soon……

 It’s also why I’ve been making more potions too. It’s not like it matters anyways! I’m not bothering anyone!

 That aside, I go to sleep once the moon appears. The symptoms from this body were quite severe……even with the painkillers I still didn’t want to move about……

 Although it was winter Norn and Bell still lived outside. They sometimes slept inside the house, but most of the time they basically lived outside. Both of them were strong, but I still couldn’t help but worry a bit.


 The concept of celebrating the New Year also exists in this world.

 In larger towns, it seems there were even places where festivals would be held. It wasn’t like that in the town with the orphanage I was in, but the church would give out food. I’ve also heard that some rural villages even celebrate by themselves.

 ……I wonder if Coco’s village also celebrates New Years? Not that I would go regardless.

 About two weeks into January, it started snowing heavily. The house became completely buried. In order to prevent the house from being crushed, I had to use Storage and place the surrounding snow into it instead of shoveling it.

 Normally, if you were trapped in a snowstorm like this you would probably be worried.

 But it doesn’t matter to me! Since I can finally make swords now!

 After a few days, I finally managed to finish making a sword. My skill level also increased. Creation Magic had become LV4. It was long…..but this length would only be considered a dagger. Since the length of the blade was only about 40cm, it would still be considered quite a bit shorter than the average short sword. But since I was still a child, this length made it easier to use. I didn’t have enough arm strength. I had used wrought iron, then changed the carbon compound to adjust the strength and durability, a high quality item. I used Appraisal to check the description.

Steel short sword.

Made from wrought iron. High Quality.

 ……No surprises here.

 I was about to test swing the sword around, but then decided against it. It would be dangerous to test it out indoors. But I didn’t want to go outside. I dislike the cold.

 As a celebration for completing the sword, I spent more time doing my daily routine as a reward for myself.

 …….But when I looked at my status the next day, it had reached LV6. God is dead! Forsaken!

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 There was a lot of snow in February this year. Usually, it wouldn’t snow this much in February.

 It’s also my birth month. I would now be 11 years old this month.

 But in reality, it’s not actually my birth month. I’m not really sure when my real birthday is. February was the month I was abandoned at the orphanage. So that month ended up becoming my birth month. Furthermore, at that time I looked about 1 years old, so it was decided that I would be 1 years old. And that was basically it.

 My name was taken from the words that were embroidered on the clothes I was wearing at that time. Or rather from portion that could be read.

 Anyways, my chest has grown bigger again. Why is this happening……

 As for my height? It hasn’t changed at all! Why is this happening!? I properly eat food! Why!?


 The snow had melted so I was outside.

 I decided to go on a stroll to gather some springtime wild plants. There were also numerous hungry beast about. Snipe, snipe, snipe. I went out looking for wild plants, but ended up with a lot of meat instead. I’m not really sure what happened.

 I also tested out my sword.

 …….But it seems I lack talent. I couldn’t move very well with the sword. I didn’t have any problems with thinking about what to do, but executing the actions were a different story.

 If I enhanced my status with boost potions, I might be able to manage somehow if I suddenly needed to fight close range. But some other measures might also be necessary.

 Norn and Bell’s statuses have also improved. The stats all rose fairly evenly. The amount of skills also increased. How reliable.

 As it was getting warmer, I began spending the days outside hunting and gathering like before. But one day, I suddenly had a visitor. I pulled on my hood and went to open the door.

“……You are?”

“Are you the witch?”

 This again!

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“Aren’t you the one who made the various medicines for Parker?”

 Who’s Parker?

 After listening for a bit, it seems Parker is the father of Coco and Neil. And it seems he was referring to the medicine I made for Coco a while back ago. So in other words, the potion and energy drink I gave her. At that time, I gave Coco three potions. However, Coco’s mother only drank one bottle and sold the remaining two potions to a merchant. And it also sold for a high price. But even though the potion was bought at a high price, its effect and worth was still greater than the price it was bought at. And so when Villager A had heard this, the middle-aged man in front of me, came here to get some.

“You gave Coco some before for free. Then give me some also.”

“I don’t have anymore of that medicine. I ran out of materials.”

“Hey now, don’t lie. You still have some right? Hurry up and hand them over!”

 Norn handled that matter amazingly.

 After that, more middle aged men would come every few days. Sometimes more than one at once. And oftentimes in several groups. There were even people coming from different villages. There were some people who said they would pay, but I still refused them. But due to all the troublesome visitors, I recently haven’t been outside hunting or gathering.

 Even more troublesome, it seems the lord who governs this area has even heard rumors about me. It seems he was even preparing soldiers to summon me. A person from one of the other villages nearby told me this. That’s really important information, thanks! But I still won’t sell any potions.

 ……It appears I’ve stayed here for as long as possible.

 And so I decided to leave the forest.1


  1. Silva: You should have left when you gave them the first potion!

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