Not Sure, Another World Chapter 10

There was another table this chapter. They are the bane of my existence. I hate them a lot.
It’s impossible for me to just copy and paste, then be done with it, with a table that needs editing.

Everybody should go hit up the patreon! After this chapter maybe I should prepare myself to write .5 chapters for Another World too?

Did anyone watch Babylonia yesterday? Wow what an episode that was.
They’ve done a really good job on the fights, in some aspects they’re beating Ufotables work, but I think everyone unanimously agrees Ufotable always comes out on top in Fate.

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4 thoughts on “Not Sure, Another World Chapter 10”

    1. In that case, the background color won’t change when you switch between day or night mode, and besides, it’s not even that hard to modify the table, don’t give Robin any idea, he’s just lazy 😛

      1. Tbf it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t change with dark mode, it’s just a table, not the whole chapter. Besides, with the uncloseable banner in Mobile people are already used to have an OK experience with dark mode in here.

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