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Chapter 10 – Actually, it seems I’m Quite Erotic

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1059 words

 It has been two months since my first hunt.

 The season has turned to autumn.

 The problems with food, clothing, and shelter have all been taken care of, so now……I have free time!

  Well, half-truth, I was still trying to increase my skill level by continually using them.

 As a result, I managed to gain wind attribute magic. It seems that the air barrel I created to launch stones was classified as a wind attribute magic.

 But my [Creation Magic] skill still hasn’t gone up from LV2, even though all my other skills have leveled up. It seems that I would need quite a bit of experience in order to breakthrough.

 And it was very difficult to work hard when I wasn’t able to tell if the results of my training were having an effect.

 As such, I’ve only been giving half an effort. And I spent the rest of my time in a daze. To begin with, even if I tried to continue training my concentration wouldn’t hold.

“I’m bored……”

 I rolled around on the bed.

 Yep, fluffy. On a side note, I made this bed myself. I made it right after finishing the expansion of my house.

 As for why the bed is so comfortable? It’s because the mattress was made with pocket coils.

 When I consider this world’s technology level, I believe it would be an invention at the level of a technology revolution.

 I made something quite amazing! Thus, I was rolling around on it.


 I suddenly felt pain as my clothes brushed against me. Hm, where? My nipple?

 It seems my breasts have grown again recently, they were clearly larger than they were during the time of the carriage accident. These are obviously not the appropriate size for a ten year old.

 Hmm, even just a bit of movement makes them hurt, if I don’t think up of a proper countermeasure it could cause problems in daily life…….

 I gently rubbed my breast as I began thinking.

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 Yep, quite soft.

 *Rub *Rub

 *Rub *Rub

 *Rub *Rub


 ……..A weird sound came out.

 At this point rather than just touching them, aren’t I actually…..massaging them?

 No, I apologize, I’ll be honest. I was caressing them.

 But even as I thought this, my hands wouldn’t stop.

 I never really thought about it before, but this body was female, and my thoughts were closer to that of a male.

 I was really curious. If you were a male and suddenly your gender changed, wouldn’t you be curious too? And now that it actually happened……

 I’ll do it then!? I’m definitely doing it then!?


 I’m sorry, I can’t stand it any longer.

 I slowly reached down towards my lower abdomen―――

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 It has been around three days and I was still inside my room. I’m sorry for being so perverted.

 But I can’t help it! It’s just amazing! It felt completely different! This…..this…I just can’t help myself!




 Two more days passed by.

 As expected, I went overboard……but right, I’ve satisfied myself to my heart’s content. What do I mean? Don’t make me say, it’s embarrassing.

 Anyways, I felt hungry. I took a potion out from [Storage] and tried to make do with just that, but as expected that wasn’t going to work. Let’s make some food.

 I went towards the kitchen in only my underwear, but since people never come this deep into the forest, it was fine.

 Still, why was this happening to begin with? If I recall, it started hurting because my clothes brushed against it? Then should I make some underwear for the top too?

 I finished cooking and ate while thinking.

 And later in the afternoon.

 For now, I followed my adult-like desires and made underwear fitting my taste. A black lace combo with garter belts and stockings. There were also several other sets in white, red, and various other colors.

 I tried one on as a test. Eh? How do I put it on? Will the shape become disfigured if I don’t wear it properly? Ah, I see, now I know how to wear it. Hmm, I think it’s a bit different than how it was in my previous world.

 Which is why I had to confirm by wearing it! Ah, I sure have a nice figure! Last I saw myself in front of this mirror was two days ago.

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 It took around two months to get the mirror to this current state.

 I first had to make a large glass plate and then adjust each day for around six weeks until it could reflect my image. After about another two weeks of final adjustments until it reached around earth level clarity, I applied silver plating on the backside. It really did take a lot of effort…….in particular the silver plating…..

 Now, my opinions on the underwear.

 ……..This kind of underwear on a ten year old just kind of feels wrong. But I will still wear it! No, but what if someone sees it? That’s fine since it’s just me, it’s completely alright!

 That aside, since I was able to make underwear with such complex designs, doesn’t that mean my [Creation Magic] might have leveled up? Let’s confirm my status!

Ren 10 Year old
Race: Celestial Occupation: Orphan; Forest Dweller
HP: 55/55 MP: 100/100
STR: 3 VIT: 3
DEX: 6 AGI: 4
INT: 500 MGC: 300
CHA: 17 LUK: 4
» Creation Magic LV3 «
» Snipe LV2 «
» Magic: Light LV3 • Magic: Fire LV3 • Magic: Water LV5 • Magic: Wind LV3 • Magic: Earth LV4 «
» Compound LV4 • Blacksmith LV2 • Metalwork LV2 • Leatherwork LV3 • Woodwork LV4 • Apparel LV4 «
» Storage LV- • Life Magic LV7 • Appraisal LV8 • Alert LV5 • Detection LV5 • Stealth LV3 • Cooking LV5 • Farming LV4 «
» Resistance: Hunger LV3 • Resistance: Fatigue LV3 • Resistance: Pain LV3 «
» Lewdness LV5 • Big Breasts LV1 «
» Magic Attribute Aptitude: All Attributes «

 Ohh! It really has leveled up! LV3! And my MP has finally reached 100!

 Let’s see my other status……hmm, AGI increased by 1, and CHA has somehow increased a lot? What happened? For the past few days, I haven’t really been doing anything that would increase my charm right?





 Lewdness? LV5?



 Lewd….at age 10……hahhh….

 …..I don’t want to think about anything anymore. Let’s just go to sleep.


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