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Dragon Princess Chapter 28

Just last week, I was having a bit of a headache thinking what should I do for the upcoming month in terms of Demon Sword Maiden translation. I’ve put Nexus on the job, but apparently, the author’s writing style is vastly different from what he’s used to, so he was really slow. A few days past the deadline and he only finished 3 out of 15 commissioned chapters.

Therefore, I’ve decided to take Demon Sword Maiden back into my hand and let Nexus have a go at Dragon Princess. I believe he should be more comfortable with this style, but who knows~ We’ll see in the upcoming month.

And a few days ago, I received a message from a good friend of mine, asking me if I am still paying someone to translate Demon Sword Maiden. He told me he will get back to me after confirming a few facts with his current employer, and just yesterday, it has been confirmed that he will be working on Demon Sword Maiden for the long term!! That’s a most joyous news! With his skills and proficiency, I’ll have no worries about the future of Demon Sword Maiden anymore. But of course, to hire someone of his caliber comes with an extra price, I’m paying him a little higher than what I would to other fan translators.

And on a side note, there’s another good news for Re:Library. I’ll try to keep this short and just direct you to this link: Succubus, Levelmaker, and Hero’s Daughter join Re:Library.

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