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Chapter 28 – My Strict Academic Program (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1741 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1079 words

Blue waves approached from the horizon and crashed against the surface.

Ocean, oh, beautiful ocean. Just as how all the mansions have a so-called garden built in their backyard, only the magnificent ocean is worthy of being my backyard.

The feeling of joy rose in my heart as I looked at the beauty of the ocean from the cliff above.

What? You are saying I am acting up again? Hmph! How ignorant. When mother brought me here, she told me this:

“Dear daughter, that sea area belongs to us, the dragon race. If you see some other races or beings in our territory, just tell mommy. Mommy will definitely punish them with my demi-god level magic.”

Didja hear that? Since the sea belongs to the dragons, then that’s the great ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—’s backyard. Besides… I am the dragon princess~

However, since I am the dragon princess, that means my mother is the Dragon Queen. As a queen, she has a lot of things to deal with, so she can’t accompany me at all times.

And the teacher who was supposed to teach me the dragon language got too excited and causing his blood pressure to rise. He is now taking rest.

Therefore, my only option now is to learn how to control the power within my body.

As for why I’m learning to control my power, that’s all because of the dragon in front of me.

Enormous built, icy-blue scales, perfectly symmetrical body, and bearing the beauty and elegance of nature itself.


“Um… why must you stick out your tongue like a dog?”

“Zat’s bcuz I kant pul bak ma tung,” the dragon spoke in broken words, but I mostly understood what it meant.

“Can’t pull back your tongue? Why?” Could she be the type that was born with a long tongue? But even so, broken speech aside, they should still be able to pull their tongue back into the mouth.

“** den #¥$*%………” Okay… I can’t understand a word of that.

After the dragon let out a pile of nonsensical garbled words, she surrendered herself in despair. Then pointed towards the sky and continued to speak out more garbled words.

“I say… can’t you find another method? There’s no way you can teach me like this.” I helplessly said to the dragon, who started gesturing dramatically with hands and feet.

I don’t understand the alien language. Besides, I doubted even she herself understood what she was saying.

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The dragon stopped her little episode and lowered her head to think for a moment. Then, in front of my amazed eyes, she grabbed her tongue and tied it into a bowknot before stuffing it back into her mouth, all of this faster than one could even utter the word “tongue-tied”.

Oioi, I only asked you to speak a little more clearly, is there a need to inflict self-harm? Do you think you would be able to speak clearly just by tying your tongue?

How can dragons be so naive……

“Alright, that should do it,” while I was still in the middle of making a retort, the dragon suddenly spoke a clear and flawless sentence. Not only that, but her voice was so pleasant to listen to, you would think she was an exceptional beauty, from listening to her voice alone.1

Wow, she really did it. Are you a protagonist from some comedy cartoons?! Wouldn’t tying the tongue normally lead to stuttering? How come you can speak so clearly after tying your tongue? Are you sure your tongue has normal biological composition and not artificially remodeled by some mad scientist?

“Princess, is everything fine?” Seeing my condition, the dragon stretched her head forward and asked.

“I am fine,” I quickly shook my head and pointed at the dragon, “Actually… I’m more worried about you.”

The dragon was confused for a moment, but quickly understood what I was pointing at, “Ah, you mean my tongue? It’s fine, it’s fine. After freezing at the Land of Eternal Frost for fifty years, it has already become as strong and flexible as rubber.”

She then lifted her head proudly to state, “My tongue can now stretch five times longer before.”

What are you being so proud of?! Speaking of which, so you are that Ice Dragon who had your tongue stuck on the Eternal Ice for fifty years?

“My humble self is Fenice, the Ice Dragon. I truly apologize for not being able to attend the princess’ birth festival. I was really unable to pull free at the time, but after I received the queen’s message, I immediately released myself and rushed over.”

Let’s face the facts, you actually received mother’s death notice and were afraid she will really come and cut off your tongue, that’s why you forcibly pulled your tongue off from that whatever Eternal Ice, and resulted in your tongue’s miserable state, isn’t that right?

If you could pull it off yourself, then was there any meaning in wasting your past fifty years at all?

However… there is one thing I’m very curious about…

“Why would you try to lick that Eternal Ice something?”

Fenice’s originally prideful face suddenly stiffened, “S- so… you knew?”

“Not only me, all the other dragons know. After all, Akarin did kind of announced it in front of everyone.”

A terrifying killing intent suddenly burst forth from Fenice’s body. Judging from the density of her killing aura, perhaps Akarin wouldn’t live to see the daylight tomorrow.

Fenice smiled awkwardly, “It’s like this actually… Didn’t they say that the Eternal Ice will never melt? I was just testing to see if the rumor is actually true.”

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“Then was there a need to use your tongue?!” I became increasingly doubtful. Just what was she thinking, even trying to lick the ice, was she trying to suck the ice into her mouth?

Fenice scratched her head, apparently a little embarrassed. Then she said in a coy manner, “Well, aren’t I the Ice Dragon? Just from that title, you should already know that I specialize in ice magic. And from the long usage of ice magic, my body temperature is relatively low, my tongue could be said to be the warmest part of my body…”

Alright, alright, you don’t need to speak anymore, I can roughly guess the whole story now…

Sure enough… I looked at the blushing face of Fenice who was now fidgeting in front of me like a bashful young lady.

Dragon race is surely full of genius.2


  1. Okay… so the Ice Dragon Fenice is indeed a female! The author kept using “he” in the past so I thought all dragons they previously mentioned are male… I knew Fenice sounded feminine… I even tried to make it sound more masculine thinking that it’s a male name…
  2. She’s being sarcastic, but I’m sure you already know~

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